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  • Hi all, Here’s an Opera developer update with yet another Video Pop-out improvement – volume control! This build is based on chromium 81.0.4044.17 and contains plenty of macOS UI fixes. For more details, see the full changelog. Installation links: Opera developer for Windows (Using the Opera developer for Windows installer means you have accepted the…

    Read full blog post: Opera 68.0.3609.0 developer update

  • Volume control. Thank you!!!!

  • Finally we have a slide volume control.

  • [DNA-82630 Extensions page search shows wrong version number and developer]

    Finally.. Thanks!

    'Video Pop-out improvement – volume control!'
    Unfortunately, volume adjusting on the pop-out is not well synchronized with the main video(visually), at least on YouTube.

  • [DNA-84002 Update look of dropdown items]
    I don't know what you mean under 'update', but dropdowns still look weird.
    Flickering blank background (in dark mode it's white) while expanding, some black border around hovered items.

  • Bookmarks search in sidebar's panel is broken here. Recently it was ok in Developer, but very slow in Beta.
    Now in Developer there's the same situation, I can't even type a search phrase normally, I type 2 letters and the panel becomes unresponsive for some time, after ~5 sec or later the list of bookmarks can appear and the whole browser can become unresponsive and slow down my PC. Please, confirm if somebody has the same behavior.

  • DNA-84410 [Win/Lin] Replace Tab Menu functionality with Search in Open Tabs.
    'Great'. You want to kill another one functionality that I use daily. How can I quickly access 'Recently closed' tabs?

  • @andrew84 said in Opera 68.0.3609.0 developer update:

    DNA-84410 [Win/Lin] Replace Tab Menu functionality with Search in Open Tabs.
    'Great!'. You want to kill another one functionality that I use daily. How can I quickly access 'Recently closed' tabs? and 'open' tabs too?

    What is Opera doing?

    Getting rid of Instant Search?

    Now getting rid of Tab Menu?

    I use Instant Search all the time. I use Tab Menu very often when I am in FullScreen Mode. I go into FullScreen Mode daily, also, for awhile while doing certain studies. The Tab Menu is invaluable when in FullScreen Mode.

    A few more regressions like this, and I might have to consider Vivaldi more strongly, honestly.

    Please, Opera ... reconsider removing all the wonderful functionality that makes Opera what it is .... Opera!

  • @treego you can disable #search-in-open-tabs flag to return the tab menu.

  • @andrew84 History menu shows recently closed tabs

  • Here all flags seem to have been set to default.

  • @leocg: it shows 3 times less tabs than TabMenu.

    By the way, sidebar also shows 'Recently closed' on bookmarks panel, but I'm not a fan of seeing the sidebar all the time.
    Moreover, the bookmarks panel is super slow and laggy here when using search (see my post below).

  • @leocg: Oh shit, here too. And I forgot what I had changed. 😞
    W10x64, Operax64

  • Hi @ralf-brinkmann, it's always good to make a backup of "Local state" file (besides the other important files), but perhaps you have some fresh copy of your Opera's profile folder, so then you can copy it from there? Of course don't forget to close the Opera, before doing it.

  • "Video Pop-out improvement – volume control!"
    Thank you!

  • Is there any chance to get a button to disable the duplicate tab shower funcionality?

  • @leocg: But it's faster to access recently closed tabs where it was and was a more useful button.

  • Suggestion.

    • In my opinion you shouldn't not kill the TabMenu.
      You can modernize/restyle it and make easier to use, but keep its previous functionality(quick access using mouse only and without the dimming effect).
      A bit wider popup to fit more text, add search to search for both 'Recently closed' and 'Open' tabs. 3 dots menu 'open in new tab'/'current tab'/'copy address'.
      Something like this

    • The feature you introduced in this build can be integrated into already existing cycling tab popup (Ctrl+Tab). Add search there and allow using mouse as well to horizontally scroll opened tabs + right/left clickable arrows.

  • kornelia, told many times. the link for "Opera developer for Windows (Portable version)" goes to the main download page not developer portable version download page.

  • This is my 5th report of this bug throughout the year, but still not fixed
    alt text