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Opera 66 initial release makes it easier to reopen closed tabs and to access extensions

  • @hugh-allen Nothing, this is how Chromium works.

  • @burnout426

    I have the same issue, I used ctrl + shift + s to open V7 bookmarks.
    Now the browser crashes, or does nothing, when I press the keyboard combination, on both Windows 10 / Xubuntu 18.04. 😞

  • @leocg: Ah, I see - was wondering it's a way for you guys to bypass this, and force something to looks cool without Facebook official mode. Thank u for respond l33t4opera and leocg!

  • @elspivo
    I asked a serious question and I get stupid and unhelpful remark. If that your best effort just go away and leave the actual issue I raised to true experts.

  • Password syncing option turn on by itself while synchronization starting 😡

  • @hugh-allen: Say what?

  • Return the search engine choice at the bottom of expanded address bar.

  • This release is awful. The video pop-up doesn't work on most sites anymore for me and I'm experiencing crashes all the time now.

  • looks good. whens it available in the ubuntu software centre?

  • On previous release 65.0.3467.78 I posted the following comment:
    """I tried today to open this URL:
    and I was answered with a blank page (after a very momentary shadow of login page).
    It works well on Chrome 79.0.3945.88 and any other browser I have on my notebook under Win 7 Pro. (MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, Maxthon), and it worked well also with previous Opera releases."""

    I see that the problem remains still unfixed in the present release.
    Couldn't you gently pay your attention to this issue?

  • I updated yesterday and sorry, Opera has lost its most important comfort features with the switch to chromiums code base for the sidebar and video pop-out. I do not understand why google consistently makes features less comfortable AND removes the possibility to configure it - why does the user cannot decide how he want to use the software

    The new sidebar removed the most important comfort features:

    1. Is sits in TOP of the tabs and hides the content from tabs, unable to read it. It is a popup window and no sidebar anymore.

    2. I don't know when exactly this happens but it happens frequently, that the sidebar content (bookmarks) don't remember its scrolling position and is all the way up to the top. Very annoying when you go through your bookmarks, checking for news and instead of the old real sidebar, you now each time have to

    • click to open (it overlays the tab, so you cannot read your page)
    • click to close
    • click to open again to select the next one, again unable to read the content of the website and so on.
    • frequently, the bookmarks scrolled to the top, so you have to scroll down again and find your next entry

    With the old real sidebar, you had it open to the side and it stayed this way, beSIDE the content of the website and you simply

    • click open a bookmark (and being able to read it)
    • click the next one

    and the bookmarks stayed at the position where you left them, no matter what you did.

    1. Video pop-out does not remember its size and position, each time it opens at the bottom right corner in a too small default size. So each time I have to reposition and resize it

    2. Volume control is gone in video pop-out., again making Opera less comfortable to use.

    These are my most used features, the video-popout not remembering its position and size prevented me to switch to Vivaldi but now with the most TWO comfort features gone I can switch to Vivaldi - it has the same annoying video popout but it has a real sidebar.

  • Why new video pop out disable a video in tab and show it only in pop out small window?! It's not comfortable in multi display/workspaces mode, please return back this possibility!

  • @elspivo Just say nothing at all if you have nothing worth saying. OK? Chat and junk has it's place but not on this forum. Tray Facebook, Instagram or whatever instead please.

  • Unfortunately, the most annoying “feature” of all is that you "don’t seem to care" about user preferences. Keep adding things without any option for disabling them.

    • The bookmarks side panel is useless to me since I prefer using the bookmarks bar.
    • As for history, having to scroll so many times it’s much more worse. The history page (thank god) has the option to choose directly (Today-Yesterday-Older) avoiding all that scrolling. Can you at least put something similar in the side panel? Otherwise it’s useless too.

    I’ve also noticed that the page up-down buttons don’t work on history side panel like on bookmarks. Can anyone confirm?

  • One last thing. History side panel has the option to open history page by clicking on the clock icon, while on bookmarks panel does nothing.

  • Today Twitter suddenly has been broken in incognito mode even if I add it into both Opera adblocker whitelists (for ads and trackers). Page is loading, but then I get white page without anything. Please investigate it. Last Opera 66 x64, Win 8.1.

  • @twilightssuperb, but when I just closed all private windows, opened it again, cookies were deleted, so Twitter loaded OK... I don't know why.

  • @hugh-allen: F**k off guy, ok? I asked a question that bothered me, and got the answer from moderator, and helpful user, Everything was fine and you show up, and have problem with me. Maybe your problem with "middle wheel" function is so important?

    "I asked a serious question and I get stupid and unhelpful remark" - what question? What remark? From me?!

    You go away, and stop posting me! You are a only person that making junk.

  • @hugh-allen @elspivo Cool down both of you.