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  • Happy New Year! A fresh year is upon us, along with a fresh Opera developer release and the last post this year. This build contains crash fixes, tab cycler improvements and other important updates. For more details, see the full changelog. Installation links: Opera developer for Windows (Using the Opera developer for Windows installer means you…

    Read full blog post: Opera 67.0.3554.0 developer update

  • Thanks. And Happy New Year!

  • Please, add new section in settings and add new options about workspaces:

    • go/do not go to the previous workspace if close the last card in the active workspace
    • play/pause and hide pop-up with movie when switching to another workspace
    • show information (or quantity) about cards in inactive workspace in the sidebar (just like with messengers)
    1. Still can't install any extenstions from the google store. It works on b3536 though.
    2. I don't like this new bookmark list look (the long one), it overlaps the tab bar and that's a bad thing if I open ~ 10 bookmarks and want to click to the first one (it overlaps it).

    Happy new year dear users and developers! Opera was and still my fave browser! 🙂

  • When is the next stable release ?

  • Thanks. There are some problems with installing extensions.
    Happy New Year everyone!

  • Now that was unexpected 🙂 Happy New Year! 🙂

  • updating through update & recovery loops. I hope you won't wait for the next year to fix it 🙂

  • Thanks for this year and Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Year! Please do as you can, sync your extensions and manage tabs as they are in Firefox and Classic Edge

  • Happy New Year!

  • It seems that page's custom zoom is broken in this build. I have 2 bugs here:

    1. Some anomaly with zoom popup appearance. When I change a page zoom using OMenu or Ctrl+mouse wheel the zoom popup sometimes doesn't appear, sometimes it's too wide, sometimes it's too wide and too high, sometimes it consumes a half of the screen.
    2. Page zoom doesn't change and jumps back to default (not always). I can't give exact steps to reproduce but the bug persists. After changing the page zoom (in OMenu or Ctrl+wheel)after 1-2 seconds it restores to default value set in Settings. I don't know if it's related to the 1st bug, but I noticed that zoom restoring usually happens if the zoom popup didn't appear.
  • Animation of the tab cycling pop appearing/disappearing looks worse than in previous build. In previous build it was opening faster and smoother and all tiles looked already preloaded. In this build the animation often looks not smooth and it is similar to quick 'step by step' appearing. Moreover, sometimes I can see how tiles do appear (load quickly) while the popup opens. And often while closing the popup I can see a 'shaky' animation of the tiles (tiles vibrate a bit during this popup disappearing).

  • Did you find out how to stop/disable “skip to main content” on opera for macos? Really annoying!!!

  • when is the next release ?

  • @thegeneral When there is a build ready to be released to the public. Usually the releases are on a weekly basis, so....

  • Sometimes search bar goes missing from the home page..

    Opera Snapshot_2020-01-04_122736_startpage.png

  • 2019-12-31_143735.png

    • It seems that you added (returned) the shadowed borders for menus and dropdowns. But like it was mentioned earlier, regarding the popups, it looks bad because the shadow/air effect looks as lost actually (in light mode at least). The borders look too thick/blurry and solid instead of being shadowed comparing to O58 for example, where I can see a tiny clear border + shadow that looks a way better and modern (right picture).


    • I also noticed that the bookmarks bar's folder dropdown opens incorrectly and overlaps the bookmarks bar instead of to be opened at the bottom.
  • @andrew84 Please try to not post just an image, write something about it.