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My Speed dials suddenly deleted

  • That many peoples speed dials are deleted with most recent update. Do developers know or do we have to submit a report or something?
    Even with making new bookmarks saved to speed dial, they do not show up , speed dial is gone , there is no speed dial anymore , just a google search bar.

  • @jstahliv83 We, moderators, read the forum so, yes, we know about that but there is nothing much that we can do.

    Developers probably know about it but you can fill a bug report explain the problem in details and share the ID here.

  • Did you check if Speed Dial wasn't disabled by chance?

  • Yesterday, after the renewal of the opera disappeared
    all the important bookmarks from
    Express panel.
    How do You get everything back????? Very important bookmarks. Urgently need to restore them.
    There's nothing in speed dials.

  • same as well all speed dial bookmarks are gone today !

  • @leocg said in Speed Dial always deleted:

    @jstahliv83 Checking in for what?

    The problem of Missing Speed dials!

    I left my computer for about an hour, came back and
    my speed dial was gone. Only thing left was four
    speed dial folders.

    Also, when clicking on the heart in the sidepanel
    nothing happened.

    I closed Opera and still the same with my
    speeddial but now I could see my bookmarks.
    I was able to copy my speeddial from
    "Other Speeddials."

  • Same with my Opera.
    Installation for USB

  • Hello everyone! I'm having this same problem since yesterday.

    I upgraded the browser on my main machine to version 62.0.3331.72, and upon completion I was greeted with a virtually empty speed dial: of the 20+ folders I had, only one appears, with less than 5 entries on it. I looked everywhere I could, even in the bookmarks trash, but those folders practically vanished. To my comfort, all my other speed dials and bookmarks appear intact; but they all reflect this machine's "barren" status, including the Opera Sync page.

    Thankfully, I have a secondary Ubuntu machine that hasn't synced yet, so I imagine a copy of my old speed dial should be there. Regardless, I'd rather wait for an official pronunciation on this issue before trying to restore anything to this machine.

  • Hi,

    Same here: all my speed dial bookmarks are gone, except for one folder holding 4 bookmarks.
    I'm now on Opera 62.0.3331.72.
    Any way to get them back?


  • We are currently trying to look into this issue. We have not been able to reproduce it in our environment so far. I hope you could help us with investigating it. Could you do following things:

    1. Check if your synced data is visible there
    2. Check if you see any errors/warnings on opera://sync-internals
    3. Check 'Sync Node Browser' tab on opera://sync-internals
    4. Give us information if you have any extensions installed
  • @mgeffro



  • @mgeffro Interesting. Both my speed dials are there, even though I don't sync them.
    Thanks anyway.
    However, I suspect that's the recreated speed dial, not the lost one.

  • @mgeffro
    Image 1.png
    Image 2.png
    Image 3.png

    Extensions installed

    • AdBlocker Ultimate
    • Install Chrome Extensions
    • Opera Ad Blocker
    • Sexy Undo Close Tab
  • Another question:

    • which products and versions of Opera are you using for sync?
  • @mgeffro
    Opera Desktop for Windows 62.0.3331.72

  • @mgeffro
    2019-07-18_181714.jpg2019-07-18_181737.jpg 2019-07-18_181902.jpg
    All 8 items were added again after dissapearing.

    Extensions installed
    • Checker Plus for Gmail™
    • Feedly Mini
    • Hover Free
    • Install Chrome Extensions
    • Linkclump Checker
    • Opera Ad Blocker
    • Extension Icon
    • Password Checkup
    • Reedy
    • Runet Censorship Bypass
    • Steam Database
    • TMS - Torrent search
    • Кто украл мои картинки?


  • @mgeffro said in Speed Dial always deleted:

    which products and versions of Opera are you using for sync?

    Update channel:Stable
    System:Windows 10 64-bit (WoW64)

  • @mgeffro

  • @mgeffro

    1. No, only the speed dials of my other two devices
    2. The only "error" tag is: "Auth Error - OK since browser startup", so I guess the answer is "no".
    3. Here I do see an entry for the device with the cleared speed dial, but it only contains the one remaining folder including four bookmarks.
    4. Strange, I can no longer access the Extensions page... I do know that I have Google Translator and extensions installed
    5. Opera WIN 62.0.3331.72 (Opera OPR/62.0.3331.72) channel(Stable)

    I managed to recuperate my speed dial from my other device which I disconnected from the network before opening Opera, so on the short term the problem is solved. I haven't recreated my speed dial on the affected device yet, so I can still test if needed...


  • opera bug.jpg