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Opera GX - Update Released!

  • Hi,

    This is a short summary of changes in the latest updates.

    LVL 3 (core: 79.0.4143.73) – 2021-09-29

    • [FIX] Banner on Speed Sial is not hidden when search suggestions are shown
    • [FIX] Crash when going to Force dark pages configuration

    LVL 3 (core: 79.0.4143.60) – 2021-09-23

    • [NEW] Introducing Pinboards with unique GX style
    • [NEW] Opera 79 Core

    LVL 3 (core: 78.0.4093.214) – 2021-09-016

    • [NEW] Corsair iCUE support. Read more about the release.

    LVL 3 (core: 78.0.4093.186) – 2021-08-26

    • [FIX] Crash in video pop-out

    LVL 3 (core: 78.0.4093.153) – 2021-08-12

    • [NEW] Opera 78 Core
    • [FIX] Crash in cashback feature
    • [FIX] Chromium fixes

    LVL 3 (core: 77.0.4054.298) – 2021-08-03

    • [FIX] Missing tick selection for themes on fresh Opera GX installations
    • [FIX] Crash fix connected with workspaces
    • [FIX] Download/Upload indicator in GX Control shows wrong values

    LVL 3 (core: 77.0.4054.275) – 2021-07-30

    • [FIX] Twitch extension blank where streamer has no game category

    LVL 3 (core: 77.0.4054.275) – 2021-07-21

    • [FIX] Chromium security fixes

    LVL 3 (core: 77.0.4054.257) – 2021-07-15

    • [NEW] O77 core
    • [FIX] Chromium security fixes
    • [FIX] Another set of light themes improvements
    • [FIX] Twitch extension update with light theme fixes

    LVL 3 (core: 76.0.4017.227) – 2021-07-08

    • [NEW] New feedback dialogs anchored to feedback buttons
    • [FIX] Light themes improvements and fixes
    • [FIX] Bug report links update in opera://update/

    LVL 3 (core: 76.0.4017.220) – 2021-07-01


    • [NEW] Light mode for all 12 built-in themes
    • [NEW] Automatic mode that switches between light and dark mode following system
    • [NEW] Wallpaper for light and dark mode tuned for each color theme

    Read more about the release.

    LVL 2 (core: 76.0.4017.208) – 2021-06-22

    • [NEW] Twitch extension update

    LVL 2 (core: 76.0.4017.205) – 2021-06-17

    • [NEW] O76 Core

    LVL 2 (core: 75.0.3969.285) – 2021-06-10

    • [FIX] Chromium security patches
    • [FIX] YouTube not being reloaded when opened from link

    LVL 2 (core: 75.0.3969.282) – 2021-06-01

    • [FIX] Ad blocker not properly blocking all ads on YouTube

    LVL 2 (core: 75.0.3969.279) – 2021-05-26

    • [NEW] New GX installer look

    LVL 2 (core: 75.0.3969.267) – 2021-05-18

    • [FIX] Skip ads button fix on YouTube

    LVL 2 (core: 75.0.3969.259) – 2021-04-29

    • [FIX] Chromium security fixes

    LVL 2 (core: 75.0.3969.255) – 2021-04-28

    • [FIX] Automatic update on Mac OS hot-fix

    LVL 2 (core: 75.0.3969.244) – 2021-04-27

    • [NEW] Opera 75 core
    • [NEW] Razer Chroma support settings redesigned
    • [FIX] Opera won't start after update
    • [FIX] Crash fix connected with themes/colors
    • [FIX] Error pages broken coloring

    LVL 2 (core: 73.0.3856.438) – 2021-04-19

    • [FIX] Location initialization fix
    • [FIX] Speed dial page fixes

    LVL 2 (core: 73.0.3856.434) – 2021-04-15

    • [FIX] Google Mail certificate issue hot-fix(please update to this version via opera://about in GX browser or get it from

    LVL 2 (core: 73.0.3856.424) – 2021-03-31

    • [FIX] Extensions API permissions hot-fix

    LVL 2 (core: 73.0.3856.421) – 2021-03-24

    • [NEW] Twitch notification icon white coloring on any twitch activity change
    • [FIX] Sidebar history panel crash
    • [FIX] Speed Dial animations visual fix
    • [FIX] GX browser sounds on Speed Dial
    • [FIX] Selecting and exposing themes in settings fix

    LVL 2 (core: 73.0.3856.415) – 2021-03-11

    • [FIX] VPN and new window initialization hot-fix

    LVL 2 (core: 73.0.3856.414) – 2021-03-10

    • [NEW] GX section link in settings
    • [NEW] VPN icon and it's animation redesigned
    • [FIX] Crash on refreshing sidebar extension content

    LVL 2 (core: 73.0.3856.408) – 2021-03-02

    • [NEW] Type of installation(Single user/All users/USB) is now visible in Opera About page
    • [NEW] Reminder that VPN and low GX Control settings can impact browser performance
    • [NEW] "Keep limiters enabled after browser restart" toggle in settings

    LVL 2 (core: 73.0.3856.400) – 2021-02-16

    • [FIX] Keyboard GX sounds disabled while playing on Google Stadia(fullscreen)
    • [FIX] Easy files popover positioning fixes
    • [FIX] Crash fix on MacOS connected with Touch Bar

    LVL 2 (core: 73.0.3856.396) – 2021-02-09

    • [FIX] Browser engine security hot-fix

    LVL 2 (core: 73.0.3856.389) – 2021-02-04

    • [NEW] O73 Core
    • [NEW] Player feature in sidebar - more info read here.
    • [FIX] Feedback dialogs UI improvements
    • [FIX] Feedback buttons font fix
    • [FIX] Fullscreen ESC key behavior(now properly handled while gaming with Google Stadia)

    LVL 2 (core: 72.0.3815.487) – 2021-01-26

    • [NEW] Razer Chroma import/export for animation sets
    • [FIX] GX Corner updates and fixes

    LVL 2 (core: 72.0.3815.473) – 2021-01-19

    • [FIX] RAM limiter toggle fix
    • [FIX] English translations improvements
    • [FIX] GX Control icons for sidebar fixes

    LVL 2 (core: 72.0.3815.465) – 2021-01-11

    • [FIX] Core bug fixes and improvements

    LVL 2 (core: 72.0.3815.459) – 2020-12-21

    • [FIX] Translations update

    LVL 2 (core: 72.0.3815.454) – 2020-12-18

    • [FIX] Browser dialogs rendering hot-fix

    LVL 2 (core: 72.0.3815.450) – 2020-12-16

    • [NEW] Opera 72 Core
    • [NEW] Additional background music tracks
    • [FIX] GX Background music automatic mute fixes
    • [FIX] GX colors fixes for Twitch in sidebar

    LVL 2 (core: 71.0.3770.456) – 2020-12-10

    • [FIX] Razer Chroma animations crash fix
    • [FIX] GX colors fixes for settings and GX Control

    LVL 2 (core: 71.0.3770.449) – 2020-12-02

    • [NEW] Razer Chroma animations - more info read here.
    • [FIX] Crash connected with Side Bar

    LVL 2 (core: 71.0.3770.441) – 2020-11-24

    • [FIX] Crash fixes
    • [FIX] GX Cleaner fixes
    • [FIX] Minor UI improvements

    LVL 2 (core: 71.0.3770.323) – 2020-11-09

    • [FIX] Crash connected with two color themes
    • [FIX] Minor crash fixes
    • [FIX] UI and secondary color improvements

    LVL 2 (core: 71.0.3770.317) – 2020-11-04

    • [FIX] Secondary color fixes
    • [FIX] Twitch in sidbar two colors support
    • [FIX] Translations improvements
    • [FIX] Background music auto-mute improvements
    • [FIX] Crash fixes

    LVL 2 (core: 71.0.3770.310) – 2020-10-30

    • [FIX] Hot-fix for "Opera is not responsive after typing in address bar"
    • [FIX] Two color configuration UI fixes

    LVL 2 (core: 71.0.3770.302) – 2020-10-27
    Read more about new features in this release – read here.

    • [NEW] GX Cleaner feature released
    • [NEW] GX Color themes(with two color configuration)
    • [NEW] GX colored messenger icons
    • [NEW] Easy files feature
    • [FIX] Various UI fixes

    LVL 2 (core: 71.0.3770.287) – 2020-10-20

    • [FIX] Geolocation inprovements and fixes for Weather Widget

    LVL 2 (core: 71.0.3770.234) – 2020-10-07

    • [FIX] Pages are renedered in dark colors
    • [FIX] GX Music - prevent audio cracking when changing volume
    • [FIX] GX Music - When a tab is muted and no sound is played music doesn't unmute
    • [FIX] Flow paring issues

    LVL 2 (core: 71.0.3770.205) – 2020-09-30

    • [NEW] Dynamic background music is paused automatically when tab starts playing audio. This is enabled by default now and can be changed in settings.

    LVL 2 (core: 71.0.3770.175) – 2020-09-23

    • [FIX] Crashes and issues located and fixed.

    LVL 2 (core: 71.0.3770.138) – 2020-09-16

    This release comes with updated core version – read more.

    • [NEW] Twitter in sidebar
    • [NEW] Dynamic background music
    • [NEW] Weather widget on start page
    • [NEW] Workspaces improvements including more icons
    • [NEW] Search Tabs searches for tabs, by title, content
    • [NEW] History page equipped with advanced filtering options

    LVL 2 (core: 68.0.3618.206) – 2020-07-24

    • [NEW] GX Cleaner feature (under construction, enable gx-booster in opera://flags)
    • [FIX] Fixes for force dark pages feature

    LVL 2 (core: 68.0.3618.197) – 2020-07-15

    • [NEW] Force dark pages configuration - exceptions list
    • [FIX] PDF viewer page numbers UI fix
    • [FIX] Security fixes

    LVL 2 (core: 68.0.3618.177) – 2020-06-19

    This is special anniversary update. Opera GX is one year old and we're entering LVL 2 – read more. Here's the usual list of major changes:

    • [NEW] Discord integration in sidebar.
    • [NEW] Hot Tabs Killer – slash tabs that use too much RAM or CPU.
    • [NEW] Forced Dark Pages [beta].
    • [FIX] Some bug fixed on the way.

    LVL 1 (core: 68.0.3618.142) – 2020-05-27

    • [FIX] Browser hangs on splash screen
    • [FIX] Crash at TabStripModel::GetIndexOfWebContents
    • [FIX] Some settings are not enabled/disabled after clicking on the feature label

    LVL 1 (core: 68.0.3618.129) – 2020-05-20

    • [NEW] Let users choose the set of "typing sounds"
    • [FIX] Crash connected to Razer Chroma SDK
    • [FIX] GX Corner disappears when workspaces are switched on and then off

    LVL 1 (core: 68.0.3618.118) – 2020-05-18

    • [FIX] Crash after start when Razer Chroma used
    • [FIX] Wallpapers crash
    • [FIX] Color picker not visible on clean profile
    • [FIX] Fine tuning SFX playback

    LVL 1 (core: 68.0.3618.112) – 2020-05-14

    • [NEW] Opera 68 core
    • [NEW] New browser sounds
    • [FIX] Color picker not visible on clean profile
    • [FIX] Address bar separator blinks when opening new tab
    • [FIX] Visual improvements and fixes

    LVL 1 (core: 67.0.3575.130) GX Corner update – 2020-04-15

    • [NEW] Main page design
    • [NEW] Platform selection design
    • [NEW] Scroll functionality (use a scroll wheel or a touchpad scroll)
    • [NEW] Feedback buttons on each section
    • [NEW] Settings page
    • [NEW] Section visibility toggle buttons
    • [NEW] Section reordering
    • [NEW] Resetting all settings
    • [NEW] News region settings moved to the Settings page

    LVL 1 (core: 67.0.3575.130) – 2020-04-02

    • [FIX][Mac] One tab opened and changing GX Corner from sidebar closes Opera window
    • [FIX] Speed Dials gone when sync enabled
    • [FIX] Tab cycler GX colors implementation
    • [FIX] Browser hangs on splash screen
    • [FIX] Splash screen animation improvements
    • [FIX] Address bar separator blink when opening new tab

    LVL 1 (core: 67.0.3575.105) – 2020-03-24

    • [FIX] Download popup - dark text in dark mode
    • [FIX] Wallpapers related crashes

    LVL 1 (core: 67.0.3575.87) – 2020-03-17

    • [NEW] New O67 core
    • [FIX] Video popout black on specific hardware configurations
    • [FIX] CPU limiter icon should not be visible after disabling CPU limit
    • [FIX] Mouse gestures disabled by default to prevent accidentally triggering during gaming in browser
    • [FIX] Video playback issues on Windows 7

    LVL 1 (core: 66.0.3515.111) – 2020-02-20

    • [NEW] New O66 core
    • [NEW] Use bigger tiles on Speed dial option
    • [FIX] Crash after clicking battery saver icon
    • [FIX] Color picker vanishing issue
    • [FIX] GX desktop shortcut goes back after pinning GX to taskbar
    • [FIX] GX Corner elements opened in new window focus
    • [FIX] Login to Facebook messenger UI fixes
    • [FIX] Visual improvements and fixes

    LVL 1 (core: 64.0.3417.172) – 2020-01-21

    • [FIX] Stability hotfix
    • [FIX] News on speed dial hotfix

    LVL 1 (core: 64.0.3417.167) – 2020-01-15

    • [FIX] General UI fixes
    • [FIX] GX Corner UI improvements
    • [FIX] Stability fixes

    Opera GX for macOS joins early access – 2019-12-12

    Opera GX macOS version

    Today we have finished close beta testing of macOS version. Thank you all for your help and time to give us feedback. It's all highly appreciated! There's still lots of work to do, thus Opera GX both on macOS and Windows are still both in early access. You can read more about the new build on our blog along with some interesting findings about gamers. In addition we have designed new wallpapers to make Opera GX look even better. Head over to the gallery and check them out.

    LVL 1 (core: 64.0.3417.150) – 2019-12-11

    • [FIX][macOS] Visual improvements.

    LVL 1 (core: 64.0.3417.146) – 2019-12-09

    • [FIX] Performance issues with tab spinner and media indicator animation
    • [FIX] My Flow Toggle button fix for private mode
    • [FIX] Sidebar show/hide drawing fix

    LVL 1 (Core: 64.0.3417.139) – 2019-11-27

    In this update we’ve switched to newer core version - O64. This means you can enjoy new feature available in Opera 64 like privacy enhancing tracker blocker and improved snapshot tool. Read more about Opera 64.

    Besides the new core you will find:

    • [NEW] Allow using middle mouse click to open GX Corner tiles in new tab
    • [NEW] Feature called "Continue Shopping" supporting Amazon, Aliexpress as seen in Opera 64
    • [NEW] Network limiter indicators
    • [FIX] Opera GX and Razer Chroma transitions improvements
    • [FIX] Many UI improvements

    LVL 1 (core: 63.0.3368.58152) – 2019-11-14

    • [FIX] Start calendar from current day instead of 1st day of the current month
    • [FIX] When browser sounds are switched off before typing sounds, they stay turned on
    • [FIX] GX Control optimization

    LVL 1 (core: 63.0.3368.57756) – 2019-11-06

    • [NEW] Import from Opera Stable 15+
    • [FIX] Quickly enabling/disabling Razer Chroma makes setting broken
    • [FIX] Sounds enabled with browser sounds toggled off
    • [FIX] GX Control not enabled/disabled after clicking the toggle

    LVL 1 (core: 63.0.3368.57388) – 2019-10-30

    • [NEW] News right under GX Corner
    • [FIX] Multiple visual improvements
    • [FIX] GX Control network limiter improvements
    • [FIX] Crash when changing GX Corner position from Easy setup
    • [FIX] Crash on restoring previously closed window

    LVL 1 (core: 63.0.3368.56786) – 2019-10-17

    • [NEW] Enabled limiters are displayed at the bottom of sidebar.
    • [FIX] Some of you reported that GX Control could take too much resources.

    LVL 1 (core: 63.0.3368.56078) – 2019-10-03

    This update brings stability improvements and those little fixes:

    • [FIX] Close Network Limiter dropdown when clicking outside the list.
    • [FIX] Scrolling was not always working in GX Corner.
    • [FIX] Improve font quality in GX Control - it was sometimes blurry.
    • [FIX] Make sure that Release Calendar starts with current month.

    LVL 1 (core: 63.0.3368.55666) – 2019-09-25

    • [FIX] Some of you reported that Google's suggestions didn't work in address bar.
    • [FIX] Visual glitches in Release Calendar when DPI is set to 150%.
    • [FIX] Some global hotkeys for video pop out were turned off as they clashed with other applications.

    LVL 1 (core: 63.0.3368.55362) – 2019-09-18

    • [NEW] Network limiter shows limits in both bytes and bits. Dropdown will show you: 1 MB/s - 8 Mbps.
    • [FIX] Network limiter values were not synchronised between windows.
    • [FIX] Scrollbar in extensions was not pretty enough.
    • [FIX] Yandex search box looks good again.
    • [FIX] Game deals were not showing platforms.
    • [FIX] Various switches inside Opera GX got unified so they all look equally good.

    In addition there are various changes to improve look and feel as well as other little improvements and stability fixes.

    LVL 1 (core: 63.0.3368.54979) – 2019-09-11

    There are two brand new features in this update: Network Limiter and Release Calendar. Let's start with Network Limiter. You will find it in the GX Control panel along with CPU and Memory Limiter. It allows you to set the maximum download and upload speed that Opera GX can achieve. Values are expressed in MB/s and KB/s which is pretty reasonable measurement when we're talking about download and upload. However when you perform network speed tests (for instance: results are expressed in Mbps and Kbps, which are bits not bytes. There are 8 bits in each byte so 1 MB/s = 8 Mbps (more info).


    GX Corner gets an update. There's a new section called Release Calendar, which features upcoming game releases from various platforms. We think it's handy widget that will save you quite a bit of time.


    LVL 1 (core: 63.0.3368.54789) – 2019-09-06

    We are proud to announce that Opera GX won Red Dot award for its unique user interface and we counted over 1M downloads so far.


    This is the first build based on Opera 63. It introduces more GX changes as well as new features that come with Opera 63. For instance you can enjoy improved snapshot tool with highlight and text tool as well as an option to save screenshots as PDFs.

    • [NEW] Twitch now features two layouts: grid and list view
    • [FIX] Improved network code to make Twitch snappier

    You might have also spotted core versions: 63.0.3368.66, 63.0.3368.71. We were not happy with them. They're not coming back.

    LVL1 (core: 62.0.3331.132) – 2019-08-20

    • [NEW] Add brightness level to chroma support
    • [FIX][Settings] Fix missing slider and disappearing Color Picker
    • [FIX] Make addressbar sounds use gx volume pref
    • [FIX] Video pop-out blocks the 'Quit Opera?' dialog

    LVL1 (core: 62.0.3331.117) – 2019-08-07


    • [NEW][GX Corner] Scores on game deals
    • [FIX][Twitch] Make things look better
    • [FIX][Twitch] Broken toggle button view when disabled in twitch settings
    • [FIX][Twitch] Unnecessary background color on focused/selected in settings

    LVL1 (core: 62.0.3331.105) – 2019-08-01

    • [NEW] Stream title and game info (image and tooltip) added along with two different display options
    • [NEW] New configuration screen for integrated Twitch with convenient option to turn of notification sound


    • [NEW] Typing sound in addressbar, plus configuration if you want to remain in silent mode
    • [FIX] No warning notification on quitting Opera with multiple tabs open after update
    • [FIX] Feedback button background not covering whole text

    LVL1 (core: 62.0.3331.96) – 2019-07-23

    Improved GX Control - new slider allows better control over memory and CPU limits. It also looks pretty cool!


    • [NEW][GX Control] New sliders that allow better control over limits
    • [NEW] Add more GX easy setup preferences to options page
    • [NEW] Updated style for instant search
    • [FIX] Set as default text have ugly shadow
    • [FIX] 16GB ram visible as 15.93GB
    • [FIX] Change RAM toggle to 0.25 GB
    • [FIX] On browser restart limiters show values in the middle of the slider
    • [FIX] Error in extensions page Could not find value for isGX, [undefined] (isGX) is not a boolean

    LVL1 (core: 62.0.3331.81) – 2019-07-16

    • [FIX] Sound bar slider not synced with easy setup (except value)
    • [FIX] Switching between color picker modes not synced
    • [FIX] Fix appearance of GX corner badges
    • [FIX] String in Russian translation is too long for the Feedback button
    • [FIX] Crash at opera::`anonymous namespace''::IsMondayTab

    LVL1 (core: 62.0.3331.52) – 2019-07-04

    • [NEW] Upgrade to Opera Stable 62 version
    • [NEW] Add an option to move GX Corner icon to the sidebar
    • [NEW] Add/reflect GX settings added to easy setup to opera:settings
    • [NEW] Allow to click and move color sliders
    • [NEW] Add GX snap stickers
    • [FIX] Allow to choose color in advanced mode by click and move pointer
    • [FIX] Spellcheck doesn't work
    • [FIX] No sounds on toggle buttons in settings
    • [FIX] When moving down a tab to create a new window the GX corner activates instead of this tab
    • [FIX] Flashing progress bar in installer
    • [FIX] Move enabling/disabling Twitch Sidebar to Easy Setup
    • [FIX][Twitch] Delay on Twitch on low-latency
    • [FIX][GX Control] Limiters set thresholds are not saved when limiters enabled and disabled
    • [FIX][GX Control] Ram limiter settable limits are wrong for odd and non total values
    • [FIX][GX Control] Volume setting is not applied for GX Control
    • [FIX][GX Control] Sounds settings are not respected
    • [FIX] Color picker from easy setup not synced with settings
    • [FIX] Click and move in picker broken after moving cursor from easy setup to settings page

    LVL1 (core: 60.0.3255.51199) – 2019-06-26

    • [FIX] Fix installer translations
    • [FIX] Crash at opera::ExtensionBrowserSidebarItemContentViewViews::GetView()
    • [FIX] Update Opera GX information in add remove programs
    • [FIX] Enabling force mode in GX control sets limit to 100MB rather than 100%
    • [FIX] Color picker in the settings page does not work
    • [FIX][Twitch] Show all observed channels, show active first
    • [FIX][Twitch] Some channel links do not match their names and thus don't work when clicked
    • [FIX][Twitch] Add filter field for followed channels
    • [FIX][Twitch] Update the sidebar state after logout
    • [FIX][Twitch] Do not close Twitch sidebar after logging out

    LVL1 (core: 60.0.3255.50962) – 2019-06-14

    • [FIX] Opera unpins from the task bar
    • [FIX] Ugly 1 px line between address bar and bookmarks bar
    • [FIX] Disabling Razer Chroma spawns small windows
    • [FIX] Cannot open easy setup when Razer Chrome is enabled with closed Razer Synapse
    • [FIX] [Twitch] Twitch sidebar UI not refreshed after logging in
    • [FIX] [Twitch] Unable to see any observed channels after logging in when any followed channel is suspended/banned
    • [UPDATE] Update wallpapers

    Final words

    Thanks for all the feedback, both here on the forum and submitted via the "Feedback" button. We can't respond to every single comment, but we're carefully reading them all and they help us focus on right tasks.

    how to leave your feedback


    ps. thread cleaned to treat this post as a pure changelog.