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  • It should be possible to remove any unwanted buttons from the toolbar.
    Extension icons can be hidden, and it should also be possible to hide every other element like the share-, download-, navigation-, and speed-dial-buttons.
    Make them rearrangable or let us hide the buttons we never use, so that one could have a navigation-bar that spans the whole display's width.

  • @burtz you can hide them actually


    just right click the sidebar and then choose what you want to be displayed.

    Oh wait, or do you mean the top toolbar?

  • @acidinmyfridge yes, the toolbar on top

  • @burtz So you only want the url bar to be visible?

    have you tried this add-on?

    This allows for launching websites when in full screen mode. This and the floating instant search together would make the toolbar not a necessity.

  • @acidinmyfridge Thanks for looking up an extension, but damn is it ugly. Plus I am losing all my tabs in fullscreen.
    Every element in the Opera toolbar can be accessed/ reached by shortcuts or via the adressbar. I barely need to use the clickable buttons.
    I was thinking of Safari, where one can remove everything in the toolbar except the adressbar.

    0_1545920901750_Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-27 um 15.28.02.png

    I don't think anyone really needs to rearrange buttons but I would love to remove as much clutter as I can for a cleaner experience.

  • @burtz yeah it is not the best looking extension, agreed lol

    i see now nods as far as i know, there is no extension that would provide what you're asking for.
    Maybe on github, haven't looked there yet.

  • Another vote to allow hiding/removing items from the toolbar. There are buttons in there that don't need to be always visible (like share, screenshot, favorites, etc...) all other browsers allow for this and it's making me wanna switch 😞

  • This post is very old but I don't feel like making a new one.

    Please make this a feature! I use a mac and some of them are redundant. Reload has a keyboard shortcut, Speed dial appears when I open new tab, Flow can repeat in sidebar and toolbar, Mac has its own screenshot shortcut, and most computer will have have their own battery icons.

    I really like the buttons, but I'd like to see the URLs bar even when I resize opera to very slim window (to show multiple apps on my monitor). Since we have sidebars as well, there's no reason the buttons have to be on both bars/ has to stay permanently on the toolbar. Having the option to customise the toolbar will be great. I'm reluctant to change from Opera, it's the best browser for me.

  • @burtz The null customization of Opera is what makes me reject it every time I try it, not to mention the lack of synchronization of extensions ...

  • It annoys me too. Why are "submit feedback", "snapshot", "privacy protection" and "add to bookmarks" mandatory? I never ever use them.