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Missing configuration in Windows XP operation [Errors & Solutions]

  • Windows XP 32 bits SP3
    Pentium 4 2.00Ghz
    2GB RAM ddr
    GeForce 5200 128mb

    1.- Some pages don't open.
    This website cannot provide a secure connection
    The site uses an unsupported protocol.
    Client and server do not use the same version of SSL protocol or encryption set. This usually happens when the server needs RC4, which is no longer considered secure.
    Like this page, many others present the same problem.
    —Solution: In FireFox if they open. Copy the protocol or whatever it is used to allow you to open the pages in Opera. FireFox 52.6.0 (32-bit) version.

    2.- YouTube live streams not working
    Your browser does not recognize any of the video formats available at the moment.
    Click here to view frequently asked questions about HTML5 video
    Pants capture 1:
    Pants capture 2:
    In the Google Chrome browser version 49.0.2623.112 if you play the live streams. Integrate HTML5 or what's missing in screenshot 2.

    3.- The audio in the videos sounds really bad
    When playing a video on YouTube, the sound sounds bad when the video is cut, it is not sharp. That is, if the video gets stuck or slows down, the audio in the video also does so and makes it sound bad.
    —Solution: Make the sound sound clear and clear without cuts, even if the video is cut, jammed or slowed down, the audio continues to sound great.
    The K-Meleon version 74.0 browser plays videos with clear and clear audio separately, even if the video images slow down does not affect the audio. As if the audio was separated from the video images. Copy whatever it is that makes it work that well.

    I want Opera to be the best browser in the world.

  • @frostg8 Windows XP stopped being supported about two years ago, so no updates and/or bug fixes will be released for that OS.

  • You're still using XP. While they may release a security update for XP (and Vista) that would solve your issue 1, they will not be adding any new features to the versions that still support XP.

  • @frostg8 i dunno if this will install on xp..

    But this extension will make YouTube stream H.264 videos.. the Extension is called - H264ify - found here

    Note - To make this work in opera ya will need this chrome extension first.. its called - Install Chrome Extensions - found here

    if it works on opera.. install on chrome too..

    Also check this..

    control panel > display settings > advanced settings > troubleshoot tab and click Change settings button - move the Hardware Acceleration slider to Full.
    Click on OK and (i think) ya gotta restart the computer to save the settings..