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Auto-Update and Version: 21.0.1432.57 - An error occurred while checking for updates

  • I constantly get this error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled opera. All other browsers update fine. Chrome updates, Firefox Updates, IE updates, only with Opera do I get this error. And the help is sooo poor it keeps pointing me to auto-updates in settings and there is none.
    To update I have to download and install a new version manually. This is not good. Any help to correct this is appreciated.
    Right now I see Opera as a 1st class browser with 3rd class help and support.

  • It happens sometimes, just try again later.

    However, if it's happening everytime then something may be wrong with your install or autoupdater is having problems connecting to the internet.

  • By "constantly" you meant it never ever worked for you and you have to manually download the installer? Or something else?

    Sometimes the server might be really busy...
    Or it might be some proxy you're using.
    Or it may be a bug.

    I just reproduced this issue, but reloading the opera:about page finished the check and said Opera is up to date.

    If that's so constant I suggest you to report this error here in the desktop bug report wizard, be descriptive and include your e-mail address and you might be contacted by them to get more info about your system and debug the issue.

  • By "constantly" I cannot remember the last time it worked. Only this browser on this machine does this. Yet Chrome, FF, IE, will all update. There are no auto-update settings in this version of Opera.

  • BTW, this error was in 18, then 19, I uninstalled 19 and manually downloaded and upgrade to 21. Same error appears.

  • Maybe you happen to be checking for updates at the time the server is busy ?, or maybe you have 'Off-road' mode enabled ?.

  • No. I loaded the same Opera on a laptop and compared. It worked. The one on the desktop did not. Yet all other browsers are OK with updates. Something is blocking the Opera from updating on my desktop. Tried disabling each plug in. Same result, error. Not sure what else to do. Hopefully Opera developers can determine what it is.

  • The one on the desktop did not. Yet all other browsers are OK with updates. Something is blocking the Opera from updating on my desktop.

    Try a clean usb/standalone install and check if the autoupdate works. Also check AV and firewall.

  • Thank you. Let me explain. The machine has NO AV or Firewall. No Wi Fi, it is a bare bones machine.
    It is wired into a router. The same connection updates Chrome, which is what Opera is based on. So its not the Firewall, and as to USB, why do that. I do not use USB.

  • You never said whether you checked to see if Off-road was enabled.

    You don't need a USB to perform a 'Stand-alone USB' install, it's just a term coined by Opera for their portable installation option.

    See below for details:

    How to set-up a 'Stand-alone USB' version of Opera.

    Double click the installer to run it. When the main installer window/dialogue/interface appears, look to the bottom left of said window/dialogue/interface and there should be an 'Options' button. Click said 'Options' button and a different window/dialogue/interface will appear.

    In this window/dialogue/interface you have four main options:


    Install for

    Install path


    Choose your language, then change the 'Install for' option to 'Stand alone - USB', then change the 'Install path' option to anywhere you like (USB memory stick, SD card, external hard drive, a folder somewhere on your hard drive), as long as you have write permissions to it, Select the 'Shortcuts' you require (if any), then click 'Accept and install'. Leave it to do it's stuff, then job done.

  • The same connection updates Chrome, which is what Opera is based on.

    This is not correct. The only similarity between them is that both are based on chromium, nothing else.

  • Same issue for me: in the About Opera tab: "21.0.1432.67 - An error occurred while checking for updates." Additionally, every time I start Opera I get this alert dialogue box:

    Windows Security
    Opera Autoupdate
    Please sign in to the proxy server at http://.....
    [OK] [Cancel]

    I am able to browse just fine after I click cancel.
    I am on a corporate network with various security protocols.

  • I'm in sort of the same situation with Opera 20. When click about Opera the auto download works to 100% but does not update to Opera 21. Get the following error message every time: ---------------------------

    Failed loading launcher_lib.dll. Please, reinstall Opera.

    I do this but to no avail; I'm still in Opera 20!
    Any ideas?

  • @folkstar: Opera requires at least Windows XP SP3 and a processor with SSE2 support, which means that it won't run on AMD CPUs older that Athlon 64 or Intel before P4. Actually, this requirement comes from Chromium.

  • Your opera auto update.exe is corrupt or is deleted. Try re installing it.

  • OK, still the same. Cannot Update. But it is a Win 7 PC. If I uninstall the older version, reboot and then reinstall the new version I have the new version. But the Auto-Update still fails. Yet, Chrome and FF update fine. Even Windows updates fine. It is ONLY Opera. Anyone have any other ideas? I am open.

  • Firewall blocking the update process ?.