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  • I can't open the Opera browser at all. When clicking on the icon to start, Opera does not respond. I tried ending task in task manager but it is not listed there as an option to select. Opera browser was working fine for me yesterday, but today it can't start at all.
    If it comes down to reinstalling, how do I save my save pages/tabs/favorites/bookmarks from my previous session? (Yes I have an Opera account but I was not logged in while using the browser in my previous session)
    I tried to install another browser to try and import my favorites to transfer but it showed an error. (Is there a way to obtain a folder of the saved files or will everything be lost if I try and reinstall?)

    I'm using Windows 10 if it matters.

  • If you uninstall Opera, it will ask whether to remove your personal files. If you answer No, then when you reinstall your data should still be there - but then again some of your data may be causing the issue. Usually the best thing to do is delete your session file "Last Session" (the list of windows and tabs you had open the last time Opera ran properly) and/or the settings file "Local State". Your personal files - your "profile" - should be in

    C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable

    where you replace [your username] with you Windows username.

  • @sgunhouse How do I find the correct files to delete my "Last Session" file? Are those the TMP files?

  • @sgunhouse I tried to uninstall (Control Panel -> Programs and Features) but nothing happens.
    After clicking on Opera Stable 51.0.2830.34, it asks me if I want to make any changes and I press yes. However, after that, it does not uninstall itself.

  • @elking82 "Last Session" is the name of the file.

  • @sgunhouse After find the folder at (C:\Users[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable) I searched in the search bar for the Last Session file and found it.
    So I should delete it first before uninstalling/reinstall?
    However, now when I try to uninstall, nothing happens. I can't uninstall the browser at all.

  • @elking82 Before doing anything else, whatever it might be, it would be wise to make a backup copy of the entire \Opera Stable folder to a safe place if preserving your user data/settings/customizations are absolutely important to you. That way, you can make sure your data/settings can be recovered if you or Opera somehow mess up the existing Opera Stable folder during file deletions or reinstallations.

  • @blackbird71 Okay, but now the problem is that I can't even uninstall Opera.

  • @elking82 Have you tried installing the same Opera channel essentially over top of the existing Opera installation? That is, try installing Opera anew in the same way as it was installed originally. Sometimes that will repair the program's problems or at least allow it to be uninstalled successfully.

  • @blackbird71 Yes! I tried to install Opera again and everything is fine now. It managed to save all of my data as well.
    Well due to this problem, I have to remember to say logged in, in the browser. (Lesson learned)

    Thank you blackbird71 and sgunhouse for all your help with my problem.
    This problem is solved! (Anyway to indicate this problem as solved in the forum?)

  • @elking82 A moderator (me) can edit your original post to add a "Solved" tag and then lock the thread (though if it comes up again you can message me and I'll unlock it for you).