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hyperlinks often don't work unless page is refreshed

  • Hi,
    Using 50.0 with my Windows 10 PC I find that on some sites (e.g. ) if I read down the page for a few seconds and then click on one of the links (for instance the one to go to the football rumors) nothing at all happens.
    Then if I refresh the page I am on and click on the same link it immediately works.
    I use this as an example because I find this happening often on other sites that feature hyperlinks.
    I have to imagine this is a common problem. Is there a fix for it?


  • I know normal protocol usually doesn't have one reply to one's own post. But apparently 89 people have viewed my post and I'm to think that all 89 are using Opera version 50.0 and always have the links on a webpage work without having to refresh the page.
    Meanwhile it is still the case for me that I often need to refresh a page to get a link to operate.
    This problem isn't bothersome enough for me to totally dump Opera as my preferred browser but I would love to know whether my problem is unique and, more importantly, solvable.

  • Any extensions? Otherwise there isn't much of a clue there. Also, I'm presuming that if you try immediately it does work, so how long is your "few seconds"? (For me, the link you mentioned opens in a new tab - is it generally links that open new tabs?)

  • @dr4sight For me, at the MLBtraderumors site, the 'internal' textual hyperlinks and the outer-most Go To 'sidebar' hyperlinks all open in new tabs, and the main-title, 'section' hyperlinks plus the 'Top Stories/Recent/MLBTR/etc listed hyperlinks all open in the same tab. In general, I'm not seeing the problem you're seeing.

  • @sgunhouse The hyperlinks do open new tabs. Opera browser is the only one I use where this problem exists. It's gotten to the point that if I plan to visit the rumors site I use Edge or Firefox. I find it surprising that apparently I am the only one who has this problem both at the rumors site and other places.
    Thanks for the help though.

  • No extensions then?

  • I've got a similar problem (clicking on links does nothing), except that refreshing the page doesn't help. I have to exit and relaunch Opera or restart my computer. I can't find any rhyme or reason as to when or why this happens. Only happens on Opera.