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  • Hi, my name is Bob Norton and there are so many Bob Nortons on the web that I use Notes as my first name (it was bestowed on my by my sister's business partner because I'm a musician).

    I'm new to Opera/Windows although I have it on my phone. I'm not new to computers (since DOS5/Win3.1) and I've used Mozilla - Firefox on Windows for years. The latest release of Firefox is lame and since I like Oprea on my Android Phone I figured "Why not try it on Windows?" I like Opera. It's much faster. There are some things I like Opera better, and a few things that I like about Firefox better (pretty normal for any app, I know).

    BTW, I did a search first on this forum but couldn't find an answer. I searched extensions too but perhaps I used the wrong key words.

    When I right click a link and choose "open in new tab" it opens in the background. I have to click the tab to display the contents. Is there any way to reverse that, so that when I select "open in new tab" it immediately opens in the foreground?

    Oh, it's not a major thing, but I open a lot of new tabs, and it would save one click each, and therefore in the long run a lot of time.


  • The option for in front is called "foreground tab", it is right there on the menu.

  • @sgunhouse - Thank you very much - but I must be blind, I can't find it. I'm using version 49.0.2725.47.

    I assume the menu is the big red O in the upper left, and it isn't there, so I opened settings and did a search for "foreground" and got no hits.

    I did find an extension that is called "Tabs To The Front" but it doesn't work in the private mode and I often use the private mode because I run a business sometimes answer customers questions on the Band-in-a-Box forum and I don't want to accidentally share one of my customer's information.

    Can you please be more specific on how to find this "foreground tab" option?

    Scouring the forum I also found Ctrl+Shift+Right-Click which will do, but I'd prefer it to be done by default if possible. If not, I can live with the three finger solution.


    BTW, This browser is so much faster than Firefox, I think when I learn how to use it properly, it is going to be my default.

  • If you mean a normal menu like File - Edit - etc. I don't see one on Opera. In Firefox I activate the menu with Alt, I tried all kinds of key combinations to see if I can get one to appear - with no luck.

    Climbing the learning curve, inch by inch.

  • OK, I'm being a bit of a PITA here - sorry. Someday I hope to learn enough to help other newbies.

    I can get the extension "Tabs To Front" to work in the private mode however this message is in the box.

    Warning: Opera cannot prevent extensions from recording your browsing history. To disable this extension in private mode, unselect this option.

    How serious is this? Is it tracking me? And if I'm in the private mode, do I even have a browsing history? If so, is there a way to stop Opera from recording my history?

    I never had a Firefox extension do this (or at least tell me)

    Thanks again

  • F1 > Be safe and private


    About the tracking, check out extension comments or ask the developer.

    |- Check out the code would help too -.

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  • @zalex108 - Thanks!