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Opera updated to 49 and now having flash player problems

  • I added [*.] to the exceptions list as well and then tried going to the link to see if the flash player is working and it still says that it is not installed or enabled. I then clicked on step #2 and it takes me to the link to download and install the flash player. There is no banner asking me to allow flash on the site0_1510267795728_Capture adobe step 2.JPG

  • Everything was working perfectly this morning until I reloaded the web browser and it updated to version 49.0. So I know that it is related to this new opera release and not some other issue with my computer. I am thinking that after a full day of trying to figure out this problem and resolve it, I would have been better off it I didn't close my browser and then open it up again to begin with.

  • We are talking about this page, right?

  • I have uninstalled and rebooted this pc and then installed different versions of the flash player than I can remember today and the problem still exists. Right now in the programs and features it shows that flash player is installed. I have tried all 3 versions flashplayer27pp_fa_install ; flashplayer27pp_hc_install ; install_flash_player_ppapi
    and the result is the same each time
    0_1510268249264_programs and features.JPG

  • @lot3rd1 said in Opera updated to 49 and now having flash player problems:

    So I know that it is related to this new opera release

    It's related to Flash being deprecated. Chromium now asks you to allow or deny Flash on a site at the first time a Flash content is played.

    You will see almost the same behavior in Chrome and in other Chromium based browsers.

  • @leocg
    yes, I go there and click to check and it says Sorry, Flash Player is not installed or not enabled and to go to step 2. When I click on step 2 it takes me to the download page for the flash player

  • @lot3rd1 Strange. What OS?

  • I am now using the chrome browser - at least until this gets resolved and I am not having any issues with chrome and I am not getting any message to allow or deny flash on a site.

    I am running Windows 10 Home and it is up to date.

  • I have been working on this issue for almost 11 hours now and at this point in time, I would rather just go back to Opera 48.0 if possible (and without loosing all my bookmarks and speed dial links) and just not update the browser for the time being. (and hope that things will work themselves out).

    I have also run multiple scans - anti-virus, malware and spyware and that is not an issue either. And as I had mentioned - all was working without any issues up until the update to the browser

  • @lot3rd1 What version of Chrome? Here on 64 I can see the same message on Chrome and Opera when visiting the same page.

  • @leocg


  • O48 had 4 options to work with:💯


    Now we have only::

    0_1510276230039_Opera Snapshot_2017-11-09_200911_settings.png

    So much easier to have a global option to allow ALL sites to run Flash. It's obvious SOME sites have not adopted the "click to play flash" yet, as some work this way, and other simply won't play any flash.

  • 'Click to play' was removed probably due to the changes in Chromium. Now the options for Flash are those two only.

  • Here's a web site that worked perfectly (the video window) but since yesterday when O49 updated isn't functional::

    Works perfectly in IE11

  • @bbildman Same on Chrome here. It works if added to exception list.

  • I'm having a similar problem as well after the update. My Adobe Flash Player is up to date (currently PPAPI) and it seems like adding certain sites to the flash exception list in settings (specifically Amazon and Hulu) still does not allow video to play. Adding other sites to the exception list (such as the addresses listed earlier in this thread) does allow video to play.

  • I'm having the same problem after updating to Opera 49. Allowing exceptions doesn't work at all for me.

  • Opera Turbo enabled every time Opera updates. Flash will not work with Opera Turbo. I absolutely hate that it turns itself on.

  • @leocg

    Ah, ok, I see that. And now it surely works. SO it seems that if we have a Web site that isn't allowing Flash and still doesn't display the "Allow" drop down, you can just add the website to the exceptions list under Flash settings

  • just adding the site to the exceptions list does not always work. I was doing that yesterday and it is not working when I add some sites to that list. I am not sure what the opera turbo is, but is definitely is not showing as any option when I click on the O in the upper left corner of my browser.

    I had also contacted Adobe about this issue and they were doing quite a lot to try to get the issue resolved for me and in the end it was decided that this is browser behaviour, and not Flash Player, and it was recommend that I contact Opera for assistance.

    Did that as well, but Opera certainly has not been of any help at all. At this point, I am going to start looking for another browser or just go back to using Google Chrome or Firefox and just dump Opera! If I could figure out how to go back to version 48.0 without loosing all of my settings, bookmarks and speed dials I would at least do that, but I can't find any information on how to do that either.