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New Opera Forums launched

  • The favicon of this forum is very pixelated in contrast to the desktop team blog e.g.:
    alt text

  • @ocirnes That's very weird. We are using exactly the same ICO file in both places - just downloaded and they are binary identical.
    What OS/browser?

  • @amatczak
    Opera 48.0.2685.52 (latest stable)
    Win10x64 v1709 Build 16299.19
    100% dpi scaling

    EDIT: Working fine in dev channel though

  • OK, I know what's going on. NodeBB (our new engine) has a feature that dynamically updates favicon to include number of your unread notifications (which is pretty cool 🕶 ) - unfortunately this means that they take our favicon and recompress it as 16x16 pixels which degrades quality.

    I can create an issue in their bug tracker, but I am afraid it might be for performance reasons and they might not be willing to change current behaviour.

  • @amatczak But it is working fine in the dev version (O50), so NodeBB can't be the reason, I suppose.

  • @ocirnes Trust me, it is 🙂 Try disabling JS in the affected browser and reload the page (might need to clear cache or try incognito) - the icon should look much better.

  • @amatczak Ok, you're right. 😁 Disabling JS helps. 😌

  • Just one point/suggestion.
    I assumed that the new "Archive" section of the forum would include posts relating to Presto versions of Opera and Opera Mail, as it says it's for "Discussions about discontinued products".
    This does not seem to be the case as there is no subsection for them.
    This would be a good idea I think, to keep the discussions about current versions less cluttered and put all the legacy software discussions in one place.
    OK, that might be seen as a bit of a ghetto, but I think it should now be considered.
    Cheers, Dave.
    PS The emoticons list is still ridiculous!

  • @davehawley Yeah, we considered this briefly when beta testing this forums. But we wanted to focus on transferring 1:1 what was on the old forums. Now when this is done we can think about next steps. 🏋

    Not sure if "Archive" would be the best place, since we want it to be, by definition, read-only and opening some, but not all, subcategories for writing could be confusing... Still, maybe adding a separate "Legacy products" category with "Opera Presto" and "Opera Mail" subcategories would not be a bad idea. We'll discuss and think about it.

  • @amatczak Thanks, good to know it's being considered!

  • @amatczak Tested. The From header has "Forums Opera" in it now. It should be "Opera Forums" (for U.S. English at least).

  • Why is the default setting "Watching" for the whole forum ? That means I get notifications for all categories I never subscribed. The standard setting should be "Ignoring" imo.

  • @ocirnes You should get notifications only for topics that you've opened and for those that you've replied to.

    Maybe you are seeing number of unread posts?

  • @leocg Isn't it the same? A reddish indication with a count (the button next to the "Opera forums" logo) is also a notification. I don't talk about mails.
    I clicked on it and it showed a list of new posts in the Russian user forum for example (I'm not a Russian speaking user). I've never subscribed this category nor did I post something there.
    Anyway, I set every category to "Ignore", now I don't receive any "notifications" anymore.

  • @ocirnes I think you could make good arguments for both options:

    Yes, I see how it might be annoying to see by default posts in languages you don't read... but at the same time I believe many people really want to see unread posts from ALL the forums, even if just to glance over them. It would be equally frustrating for them to have to manually follow all the forums one by one.

    Additionally, if the default were "Ignoring" then the forums might appear dead by default... not a good option either. By the way, NodeBB doesn't even give us config option to set what the default should be - they opt for "Watching" and I think it's lesser of two evils.

    Part of the "problem" is that we're a big community with a lot of sub-forums. I bet on most installations of NodeBB this default probably never bothered anyone.

  • By the way I see that you can Ignore whole subtree of categories, so if you don't want to be bothered by posts in different languages (I guess most people indeed don't care about them) then just go to Local forums and set it to "Ignored" - it will propagate to all children categories.

    Hope this helps!

  • @burnout426 said in New Opera Forums launching soon!:

    @amatczak Tested. The From header has "Forums Opera" in it now. It should be "Opera Forums" (for U.S. English at least).



  • @amatczak We actually don't need to discuss it, if you don't have a config option to change it. 😛
    However, I want to tell you my opinion: Why should a user want to get informed about a topic dealing with Opera iPhone, if he uses an Android phone? Why should a user get informed about Russian topics if he even can't read Cyrillic? I could go on with this list.
    I've never seen a forum where everything is subscribed automatically... Why? Because it makes no sense (see above). A forum software CANNOT know what a user is interested in.
    "many people really want to see unread posts from ALL the forums"
    I don't think so. Who said this? Did you conduct a survey? If it's the case they can subscribe everything.

    As I said, I did what you suggested - I unsubscribed everything. But this is not very user friendly and most people won't know what to do to stop those notifications.
    Just my humble opinion.

  • What is the name of this forum engine?

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