How to remember all opened windows when you close two windows of opera?

  • I use a dual monitor setup at home and sometimes I have something going on the secondary monitor while I use the main one. I like to have sometimes some music or video clip going on the secondary monitor while working on the main one.

    To do so, I usually end up using two open windows of the browser. Today, I minimized the secondary window and closed the main one. Now, I see that I made a terrible mistake because all my windows that were open on my main window are lost and I ended up with my Binging with Babish silly 1 million subscribers video instead of the actually important work stuff I wanted.

    Other than looking for those open websites on my history (which don't show all tabs because not all of them were accessed today), how else can I retrieve (or prevent from losing) those tabs?

    Thank you.

  • As far as I know, Opera only remembers the last closed window.

  • Any add-on that might come in mind?

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