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Open a file instead of save it

  • @lando242 Besides, is it really that difficult to double click the download dialog in Opera when its finished?

    Its not all about difficulty but about principle. Why it should be more complicated when its dont have to be? If you think its only 1 more click then will you send me one dollar? Its only one dollar its not big deal doesnt it? One click - one dollar... who cares right?

  • I loved Opera because it was one of the few browsers left that treated me like an adult. Removing this left one feature I like: gestures. And I'm pretty sure the productivity saving of gestures is out weighed my having to manually open a file. I might add that I had to specifically set up Opera to open this file type with an external program in the first place. So the whole "It's for security" argument is invalid. I want to use my computer as I see fit. Removing the onus of security from users onto the O/S, or application in the case, creates stupid users who feel like they can randomly click anything and the softwares will save them! If you think this is a good thing, you're wrong. It isn't. Education trumps ignorance.


    Opera market desktop market share is going up, not down. Still, why the ranting and raging? Do you see any devs here? Any paid Opera staff? You know, people that can change these things? You are standing in the middle of a bookstore yelling at other customers that your favorite author's newest work is crap.

    So if people don't like something that a software developer does that changes how they fundamentally interface with their product, what else should they do than comment on that developers forum? Should we get the phone numbers of the developers and call them up and abuse them? Obviously not. If developers and Opera staff don't pay attention to their forums, maybe it's just another sign that they don't care about what their users want. In which case why should anyone support their product?

  • what else should they do than comment on that developers forum?

    How about you do it in the suggestion box forum where it belongs? Its not our fault you are posting in the wrong forums and getting mad. Its a web browser, chill out. If it doesn't float your boat and its not changing anytime soon switch browsers.

  • Did I create the topic? No. I simply commented in it, giving my opinion, because you know that's what forums are for and stuff. Discussion.

    Am I mad? Not even close.

  • Firefox doesn;t either IIRC. The only 'modern' web browser I know of that does is Internet Explorer (I use the term modern loosely when referring to IE). Still, you have to click that setting when the download dialog pops up.

    Firefox does allow this, at least the way mine is set up, not sure if I had to do something years ago in About:config to get it to work, but I know that it's not via an extension.

    Besides, is it really that difficult to double click the download dialog in Opera when its finished? It really takes you 6 hours a month to double click a box? Its literally 1 extra click vs IE.

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding the workflow, and I'd appreciate it if there was a better way to do this, but at the moment it seems like a lot more than one extra click.

    Workflow in Firefox:
    Click on file you want to open
    Click open in dialog box vs. Save As
    Occasionally clean out temp folder

    Workflow in Opera V1:
    Click on file you want to open
    Navigate to your designated temp folder where you want it saved (possibly a lot of clicks) and save the file
    Wait for it to download
    Open up the download manager in Opera and double click the file you wanted to open
    Occasionally clean up your designated temp folder

    Workflow in Opera V2:
    Have Opera automatically save everything to one common download folder
    This saves some time when you're trying to open a file, but it seems that it is more than made up for when you have to try and clean up your downloads folder and see what is worth keeping and/or moving to a more permanent location, and what is not.

    I go through phases where I open a lot of VCF files. Maybe just to get a quick piece of info like an email address, or maybe open it and then save it to Outlook. Either way, the VCF file is useless to me about two seconds after I open it. I just don't want to have to think about it again. It would be slightly more bearable if when you cleared the download list it actually gave you an option to delete the files at the same time, but without that I end up with a download folder with thousands of items in it, about 10% of which I actually want to save, and the rest that I don't.

  • Hello everyone. I found this thread luckily without knowing, that someone linked my addon to you guys. I had exactly the same problem with the new Opera first, so I decided to start writing this little extension. First exercise was to find a way around the multiple necessary clicks until a file can be opened especially you are doing some investigation using a lot of pdf files. My final decision was to use a system notification that informs when a download is finished and what to do next - open or cancel. System notification from the chromium api are not fully supported in Opera so there are only those two possible options at the moment. "Open" opens the file in the system defined application. The file is then stored in "temporary_downloads" folder in the default download folder. "Cancel" deletes the temporary download instantly. Furthermore you can check an option to always clean up the "temporary_downloads" folder at Opera startup. You can choose defined file types or add your own file types.

    I would be glad if you could try out this addon and give me some feedback telling me what you might wish for this extension.

  • Hi michsens,
    isn't that currently possible to give the user choice of opening the file or saving it?
    I work a lot with different type of files like .zip, .pdf and .msg. Some of them I need to be saved, but some I need to open only once immediately after download. So neither opening all files nor saving them all is the solution for me.

  • Well, there are some annoying behaviours in Opera for now. There are a couple of files that are - without any other choice opened directly in Opera, f.e. mp4, txt. To be sure to save a file you should choose Rightclick + "Save linked Content As ...". Then there are files that are definitly saved. I do not know what works better for you. My idea would be to use Rightclick + "Save linked Content As ..." to save a file and left mouse click to open it.
    Maybe you also have an idea what behaviour you would like to have and I try my best to change the extension.

  • Old Opera had the option to open local files directly, eg. with Libreoffice.
    Could that be implemented in an extension?
    Also it allowed to pass the url only to the external app. Useful for external downloaders and as a "1 click" function to instantly stream videos in VLC instead of downloading.

  • Opera V.42 - still no OPEN option exist. 😞

  • unfortunately

  • Well, this is something for the Suggestions Box forum.

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