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  • Yesterday I've moved to Firefox (which is my default desktop browser for eternity). Used to use Opera as my default Android browser, but after lack of updates, lots of bugs, glitches (even those which have been reported months ago and still persist), after that awful UI uodate it's only reasonabke solution... Good bey for ever, eitherway this way you're gonna fail!

  • Firefox is going to have problems also. Version 57 (expected in November) will break most addons (the reason a lot of people use that browser).

  • @mrninko:

    sorry to hear you wanting to leave.

    like you i have abandoned o4a, although i always use a number of other 'big' android browsers parallel for persec matters. and given up hope for any improvement on this mess as well.

    opera would better scrap this wreck altogether and start from zero with a completely new concept. plenty ideas around from other browsers based on the chromium plus privacy options.

    opera mini is still a must-have despite all attempts by opera to upfcuk it as well.

    so, maybe see ya in the subforum for mini then.

  • Firefox is going to have problems also. Version 57 (expected in November) will break most addons (the reason a lot of people use that browser).

    Kniw. But it's planty time to adapt

  • heyho from beta 117704. i'm well known to complain, but this is quite impressive. i formally retract all previous comments re o4a being a trainwreck and would recommend to install and testrun this beta version.

    currently running firefox/fennec/icecat, yandex, chromium swe for snapdragon, opera mini 19 and 27 beta plus uc mini and firefox focus, i am impressed by this opera's look and feel. as always there's some room for development (cookie management and other privacy issues), it has inherited permanent search engine selection and 3rd party cookies defence.

    wow again, thanks and best wishes to the team.

  • Hi, I installed Opera 42.7.2246... to my new phone (with android 7.1.1). On my old phone pivate tab closed, when I close the Opera. But not closed when I just send to background. I call the foreground and continue the work.
    Now on the new phone when I call the Opera foreground all private tabs disappear (with my all unsaved work) 😞
    Can I switch any settings to change this functioning?

  • @jonaballen

    Don't you think it's embarrassing to be stuck with version 42 for 6 months? No new features, no bug fixes, no chromium update, no nothing... Since I've moved to Firefox beta about month ago there were at least 5 updates with bug gixes and performance enhancing... Shut it down rather 😃

  • Dear Opera

    Why don't you answer?
    Why you make iOS style or copy?
    Wrong your ahead.

  • After every update worse and worse. Btw. why did you center page titles in folder? It looks really afwul!


    Opera 42.9.2246.119498
    Android 6.0.1

  • Hello,
    I have a problem updating Opera to the latest version.
    For almost 6 months, I have not updated my browser. On Google Play, there's always version 42.7.
    On the PC level, the latest version is available on Google Play, but still gets me 42.7 and not 42.9 from August.
    What is going on?
    Android 6.0 official, no root and modification - pure Android.

  • The FTP site only lists 42.7.

  • Okay, can I do something about it?

  • Okay, can I do something about it?

    Are you using Opera Beta? Version 42.9 seems to be a beta version.

  • No, I only use a stable version. On the other phone, also on the Marshmallow Android, I do not update to 42.9.

  • there is full of nude videos in v42... stop these.. or get ready for bad google play ratings..

  • The new interface while functionally is the same as the old one, it's ugly and just plan sucks, no shortcut to toggle data savings like really????

  • Opera desktop is already 47 version already 48 will be and Opera android is still 42 when there will be updates to 47 or already the speed 48 version??? 😞

  • when there will be updates to 47 or already the speed 48 version???

    Opera for Android Beta is on version 43,last updated about a month ago, so I guess it may take a while.

  • leocg
    I still have 42.9 Opera for Android Beta last updated about a month ago August 11
    Opera Desktop beta 48 and Opera for Android Beta 43 is very sad