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New version of Opera for Android with UI overhaul

  • If I update to the soon-to-be-released new Opera for Android, and don't like it, can I reinstall the previous version over the newly installed newest version?
    Thinking ahead.

    No, but you can install it from an external source outside Google's store (apk file). Or you can already see what to expect by trying out the latest beta.

    Bummer, looks like I will be sticking with the version I've been using for the past few months...this is truly a disappointment.

  • @bbildman: @xirit32 is correct.

    you can create a local apk file from your current version with apkextractor, or pull an older version from apkmirror or opera's own repository

    jumping back and forth between versions i have never lost any data, bookmarks etc; do regular backups anyway.

  • Well I tried out the latest beta version of Opera .

    Congratulations to the opera developer team for turning a what was a browser into a newsreader. This version is absolutely terrible.

    The opening window for Opera should be the speed dial page or a bookmark page not the current news.

    Let us hope and pray Opera developers do not turn the computer version into what we have here.

  • The opening window for Opera should be the speed dial page or a bookmark page not the current news.

    You can go to settings, then news, home page and change that. Of course that is minor, the browser has many other problems that need to be addressed.

  • Hi, just updated in my Samsung tablet. Nice but

    1. Where's back and forward buttons? Or don't I see them. Or have I missed something.
    2. Too many taps to use my bookmarks.
    3. Would like to have very easy way to clear history.
      My phone wont't see this update ...
      Br. TinaN

    I agree with most of this. Where are the back and forward buttons? The only way I can go back is with the Android UI, and only one page at a time. A long press used to bring up a short history, please reinstate this.

    And where are the synced tabs? I think I came across them a few days ago, but I can't find them now.

  • And where are the synced tabs?

    on the tab switcher, click on the cloud icon.

    Where are the back and forward buttons?

    At least on my phone they are on the bottom, on the left of the home icon.

  • Thanks for the reply, I eventually refound the synced tabs, 3 dots, tab manager, synced tabs. Buried a lot deeper than previously. I'd prefer to see them maybe on the personal page , with bookmarks etc.

    I'm using a tablet in landscape mode, no sign of navigation buttons.

  • I'm using a tablet in landscape mode, no sign of navigation buttons.

    Maybe the UI is different for tablets.

  • OK so I downloaded and installed build 108356 from the ftp (beta was 108355) and I see the same problems were ported over and the browser is in a tragic and unusable state:

    • browser minimizes with a brief Android's report pop up, 3-4 seconds after I have tapped the sync icon to see my other speed dials. So I can't insert items from the other speed dials.
    • folders issue not responding to tapping still here.
    • app does not remember its last red banner position (full or hidden) nor there is an option to select the preference, so in my case where I have 5 rows of speed dial items I have to scroll down every time which became very annoying.
    • Speed Dial site logo thumbnails are not being shown in the SD while they are being perfectly shown in the suggestion bar, or in Opera Mini. examples: , etc, etc.
    • have not experienced the famous tab selector hang yet but I haven't played with the browser much due to the above problems.

    other things:

    • creating a search engine for youtube and using it does not work
    • 9 characters now instead of the previous 13 for the SD items
    • missing text arrow for inserting the proper text in the search field before initiating the searching.
    • you have killed the need to use the + sign to open a new tab -just remove it, it's useless and put something else there instead-, I press the home button and search.
    • a plus for the return of the forward button
    • another one for the fullscreen option that hides the bottom bar (like in Opera Mini)

    all in all, very disappointing, if Opera Mini had a properly working text wrap I wouldn't even bother testing this browser not even out of curiosity.

    Tested on two J5 Samsungs with 5.1.1 Lollipop and 6.0.1 Marshmallow

  • @andreasbovens After using the browser for some time the pages are starting to break:

    [](' target='_blank)
    [](' target='_blank)

    The only solution I assume would be to clear the cache and reload, which has the negative that cookies with login data are lost as well and you have to relogin to all of your sites. So either please separate cookies from the other data, provide a "reload not from cache" option or something else. Maybe its a chromium 50 issue that we are stuck with for over 3 months now?

  • I tried the new beta for android.
    I liked some but.. the stable version has the classic layout which allows to operate with two fingers as all the main features are bottom left or bottom right. I hope to see in the new version because it is a real killer feature having everything on the bottom. and, by the way, can you change the 3 dots with the O of opera? it is the very distintictive signature of this browser . 3 dots are very chrome, but opera deserves better visibility.

  • Please, get back the ui choice for phonr or tablet.

    Im using new Opera on my tablet and had no option for change to phone interface. I hate that tabs.

    Thanks in advance.

  • A "night mode" similar to Opera Mini would be much appreciated. :whistle:

  • When will be update? 😕

  • Updated to Opera Beta 37.1.2192.108355 from apkmirror.

    Biiig app. 121 MB in total, 41.5 memory plus 78 on sd card.

    Totally blocking up my 1GB system. Not nice, as the latest Whatsapp beta update refused to install due to memory problems.

    This will not fly with many users on last-gen or budget phones, I'm afraid.

  • when update to chromium 53?,in october 18 come chromium 54.and when a translator in multiple languages.

  • New beta build 108734 with the following changes:

    • Download selector
    • Tablet mode selector in settings
    • Tablet back/forward buttons
    • News region/language switcher

    Still minimizing when accessing sync.
    Can't choose external SD card folder in order to download stuff there, despite changelog.
    Tapping on folders seems to be working now.
    Still on Chromium 50.
    The same usual countries with dozens others in Europe still missing.

  • Beta 37.2.2192.108734 Android 5.1 Verizon Ellipsis 10 tablet in tablet mode

    Problems & Inconsistencies Still Existing:

    Clicking Home (Speed Dial) from Bookmarks causes tabs to disappear. They are still there and reappear with Open New Tab.

    Clicking a Speed Dial icon opens a new tab before existing tabs; otherwise new tabs open after existing tabs.

  • @xirit32 for some reason adding youtube search on mobile site doesn't work,.
    But if you go to desktop version of youtube and long tap search field and add it as search engine. it will work in both desktop and mobile version.
    If you select to go to the desktop version from youtube link it will set a cookie to continue go to desktop site. just go to the mobile version again if you want use that version going forward. the youtube search engine will work regardless.

  • I upgraded today to version 37.2.2192.108735 and I quickly changed to Tablet layout because I do not like the new Mobile layout but I've found that I can not get rid of the annoying bottom bar. Why it can't be disabled?

    And now when I switch to another tab, the pages are reloaded more frequently than before. This is quite disappointing.