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Opera Mail - Marking Messages on Server as "Read"

  • When Opera Mail downloads messages from the server, it marks them as read on the server.

    If I am running Opera at home, and I am not home, Opera will download messages and mark them as read on the server. Then when I check my mail from my phone or tablet, it appears there are no new messages (since they've all been marked as read when Opera downloaded them).

    Is there any way to mark them as read on the server only after I read them in Opera mail?

  • IIRC there is a setting for this on account settings.

  • Here's the settings dialog:

    The only relevant setting appears to be, "Mark messages as read if already downloaded" which is unchecked in my settings.

    I just sent an email to my yahoo account from my work account. As soon as Opera downloaded it (it is still unread in my Opera inbox) it is marked as read in Yahoo's web interface.

  • Is the server configured as IMAP in Opera? For POP3 accounts, there is no way for Opera to tell the server a message is read or not read.

  • Aha! The server (yahoo) is configured as POP. I have recreated the account using IMAP and will follow-up here if I can get it working. Thanks for the info!

  • Also check if Yahoo doesn't have any special setting for messages fetched through pop or imap. Maybe you need to change it there.

  • Well, using IMAP I seem to be stuck - no new emails are coming in to the email client, so I can't attempt my test that I described earlier in this thread.

    Also, the dates of all the emails downloaded so far are incorrect. The dates are the set to the date/time that the mail was downloaded, not when the mail was sent, so I have mails from 2011 that are dated yesterday.

    I love the simple UI of OM, but due to some of these limitations I unfortunately must move on to another client.

  • I've never figured out the address to use for IMAP with Yahoo. My tablet knows it automatically, but I haven't seen it to set my laptop to use it.

    port: 993
    auth: auto
    tls: checked
    username: your email address
    password: your password
    port: 465
    auth: auto
    tls: checked
    username: your email address
    password: your password

    After the account is created and a sucessfull conection is made to the server, you need to close down Opera and edit incomingN.txt (where N is the number for the account as seen in accounts.ini in the mail folder) in the mail folder. You want to set Force Single Connection to 1. See "Help -> about Opera Mail" for the location of the mail folder.

    In the new mail account wizard, if you have an,,,,,, or, all of that will be set up for you. If you don't have one of those email addresses for your yahoo account, put username @ one of those as your email address and then change it after the account is set up and attempts to connect (possibly retyping the username and password on the servers tab in the account's properties after you change the email address on the general tab).

    I'm assuming that imap server address still works.

    I remember Yahoo IMAP requiring some type of user agent header to be sent to the server (that mobile apps do). Opera did that too the last time I checked, so there should be no problem with that.

    If yahoo has some time of 2-factor authentication and it's turned on, you might have to turn it off for Opera Mail to connect properly.

    Ultimately, the log should tell you what's wrong.