How to keep downloads page from opening

  • v12.02
    Can I suppress Opera's habit of opening the DOWNLOADS page in a new tab every time I download something? I found how to turn off the "bubble" message, but I can't find how to keep the downloads page from appearing. I've checked through the Preferences GUI (CTRL+F12) and the Preference Editor but haven't spotted anything that turns this feature off.

  • On the downloads page, click on view at the top right and select the option to never show the page.

  • When I get home I'll have to look it up. It can be done, but I can't recall exactly ... was it on the menu?

  • Steve, it is in 11.

  • Yeah, open the Downloads page (from the Opera menu), then click on the View button in the top-right corner. First 3 items determine what happens when you start a download - first option brings it to the front, second option (my default) open it but leaves it in the background, and the third option doesn't open it at all. Take your pick.

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