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Exporting Speed Dial and Stash pages (bookmarks)

  • I imported bookmarks to Firefox this way:
    (In Opera 24 all bookmarks are saved in stash.db. I didn't find anything in bookamrks.db nor favourites.db)

    • Download and install SQLite Browser
    • File -> Open Database: %appdata%\Opera Software\Opera Stable\stash.db
    • Swich to tab Execute SQL
    • Enter command:
    SELECT '[" || c1title || "](\*\*' || c0url || "\*\*)"
      FROM stash_fts_content
      JOIN stash
        ON stash_fts_content.docid = stash.uid
      ORDER BY stash.last_visit_date DESC
    • Copy&paste the results to notepad
    • Edit -> Replace " to nothing (remove quotes)
    • Edit -> Replace ** to " (convert ** to quotes)
    • Now save the file as blabla.html, don't forget to use UTF-8 to preserve accented characters, if any.
    • In Firefox: Show All Bookmarks (Ctrl-Shift-B) -> Import -> Import from HTML
    • Browse for the blabla.html

    The bookmarks get imported to Bookmarks Menu, sorted the recently visited first, keeping the Titles and URLs.

  • Sorry, the SQL query got reformatted, the correct form is:

    SELECT "[" || c1title || "](**" || c0url || "**)" FROM stash_fts_content JOIN stash ON stash_fts_content.docid = stash.uid ORDER BY stash.last_visit_date DESC

  • Please post the SQL command for Speed Dial (favorites.db) as well. I took a crack at it, but I got the following error message:

    ambiguous column name: url: SELECT "

    I only see the url column used in one table, so I don't see what the problem is.

    Thank you in advance.

  • With all due respect, I do not believe that we should have to use an external tool to do this. Opera should include a way to export Speed Dial to a file (hell, by this time we should have Sync back!).
    It also appears that they are moving away from Speed Dial for anything but the most commonly accessed websites to a regular Bookmarks file once again.
    Except that they have not made a tool that allows us to easily transfer what was once on the Speed Dial page to the new Bookmarks Page!
    Just seems like they have no idea what direction they wish to take Opera in at the moment.

  • For the SpeedDial, follow the same instructions above, but open Database: %appdata%\Opera Software\Opera Stable\favorites.db and use the following SQL command:

    SELECT "[" || name || "](**" || url || "**)" FROM favorites WHERE type=0

    Also, if you have folders in your SpeedDial, try something like:

    SELECT "<dt>" || || "[" || || "](**" || b.url || "**)</dt>" FROM favorites a, favorites b WHERE b.type = 0 AND b.parent_guid = a.guid

    But in this case you'll have to manually edit the resulting html Bookmarks file to be able to import it to Firefox/Chrome. It's easy, just create headers for each folder in the html file.

  • hoping this thread is still alive i would like to know in which of the file opera keeps the speed dial list. I had a crypto virus on my C drive and after cleaning and reinstalling opera the speed dial keeps disappearing every time i restart the browser.

  • i would like to know in which of the file opera keeps the speed dial list.

    Until 28 in the file "favorites.db". Starting on 29 in the file "Bookmarks".

  • exporting speed dial used to be very easy in opera. there was a speeddial.ini file that you would copy/paste and all your speed dial pages where saved. I've tried this thumbnail/favorites way that someone wrote a few comments before and what I had to do was open the favorites.db file in a text opener and manually copy/pasted url links. this was the only way it worked. I'm using opera version 29.0.1795.60
    I really hope opera will make exporting speed dial more user friendly in the future.

  • Dayum! That's a LOT of work! I liked clicking import/export. I luv the speed dial thingie! I luv Opera. And while not being able to export the awesome speed dial makes me just a tad cranky for a minute, Opera still is better than the rest.

  • Hiya. I've probably come to this a little late, but here goes...

    The easiest way to keep your old Startpage/Speed Dial settings, etc (between PCs at least), is to copy the entire Opera Stable folder from one PC to another (it's usu less than 20MB so it's not massive), you can find it here:

    %appdata%/Roaming/Opera Software/Opera Stable

    If you're running Opera at the time, you'll get a couple of 'cannot copy' or 'file in use' errors - this is just the files and tabs that are currently open.

    For those using Windows 10, you can find the %appdata% folder by literally just putting "%appdata%" in the Start/Search box...

    Hope this helps. If you're feeling more daring, you can look at the files using Notepad, which'll at least tell you what you have and haven't got in each one.