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Opera 30 sync issues + Opera Mail IMAP - can't delete messages

  • Hi there!

    I've recently moved from Opera 12 to Opera 30 + Opera Mail and I've found some problems that I can't solve

    1st is the syncing - I can't get it to sync together. I'm logged in on devices, but Speed dial, passwords are not syncing, opened tabs either. I can see that this is stored somewhere as thru button on Speed Dial I can see what is opened on other devices (and on each device is something diffrent), I can click each entry, but I can't get it to sync, eg get my tabs from PC to laptop. What I'm doing wrong?

    2nd thing is Opera Mail (IMAP accounts) and issues with deleting mail, especially spam. Every time I delete a message from spam folder it gets redownloaded, sometimes even mail from trash folders reappear. On my laptop I also have an issue with some messages being duplicated, moreover e-mails are not perfeclty synced between PC and mail and this applies to two diffrent IMAP accounts.

    Funny thing - I have no issues with deleting e-mails from INBOX folders.

    One more thing: Is there a way to customize Speed Dial apart from background? It looks... Odd with all those random, bright colors and fonts, it also needs resizing as it doesn't fit my screen anymore. I've noticed that Facebbok and Youtube use logos for speed dial entries, but all other doesn't. Is there a way to do that? Or even better - something around Opera 9 Speed Dial was displaying miniature versions of webpages, later on it was changed to jist the part with logo banner, is there a way to enable this?

    1. This is how sync works in Opera. You have access to your dat from other devices but you will not have the same SD on all of them and also your opened tabs won't be automatically opened on all of them.
  • Ah... I remember that this was advertised in one of betas, it must have been removed from final release....

    I've found solution for speed dial only: You can edit other speed dials and you have to access it via "bookmarks" 🙂 ctrl+a ctrl+c your speed dials, then ctrl+v them to other devices speed dials, removing old ones before. Not automatic but better than manually having to copy few dozens of pages to each device

  • For Opera Mail, to rule out problems with the mail folder, export your feeds list and contacts. Then, close down Opera, rename the "mail" folder, delete contacts.adr and wand.dat and operaprefs.ini.

    When Opera Mail starts up, don't import anything and instead set up all your IMAP accounts fresh and let Opera fetch the headers for all the messages.

    Then, import your feeds list, readjust each feed's settings and import your contacts. Then, recreate and Opera labels and rules you have.

    If you still have problems, you'll have to log the connection. It would also help to take note what mail provider you have for each of the IMAP accounts.

  • Reminds me of [url=]Trying is the first step towards failure[/url]. Funny thing aside the reddit wiki post above really helped me out here. Thanks for sharing.