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  • I have to agree for the thumbs on the speed-dial, it's totally not clear on which one you have to click, it was better previously when it was a miniature of this website.

  • Personally, I don't like the UI changes to Opera Developer, especially as the square buttons look like an early version of Firefox. 'spose I can live with them when it eventually goes stable if Opera decide to keep it this way. I do think the Speed Dial looked slightly better before the change but for me it's hardly anything to get too worked up over. At least Opera has a proper native Speed Dial, none of this 'most frequently visited sites' BS like other browsers!

  • Yes yay it has a proper speed dial page but boo for the metro esq type icons I'd like my choice please not theirs

  • Agreed! I hate those bloody icons. Had them in an earlier version and then got 'my' website miniatures back - now back to the crap.
    Was fine yesterday, but now... Opera, I want a CHOICE!!

  • I have the thumbnail/miniatures in my speed dial. Maybe it's because I had them in an earlier version. I hate the icons. Anyway, when you add a new speed dial item, you can make a choice between icon or thumbnail. So choose thumbnail. You may have to delete the speed dial item, and then add it, so that you are given the choice. I wish I could remember exactly where the choice shows up.

    ALSO (and this may help) that white stuff and forced icons are awful, I think. You can go back to the old style. Anyway, go to Opera://flags. Type in the search box Experimental Start Page and then choose to disable it. Close the browser, then open the browser and go to the start page.

    I certainly hope Opera fixes this in the next go round. The Experimental Start page is beyond awful. My Opera Speed Dial looks fine. I can live with it, and Opera, but if Opera moves completely to icons, or makes the Speed Dial ugly with white borders, I can't live with that. There is a choice in Opera://flags that gets rid of the white borders. I hope it's the one I cited (as I get dizzy looking at all of the Opera flags items, trying to remember which ones need to be changed to fix the Speed Dial), but the Experimental Speed Dial item, I definitely changed to disable it, and that did help.

  • Certainly in Opera developer 32, if you bookmark a page by clicking on the heart icon, you can then use the arrows at either side of the offered image to select other images, one of which should be a thumbnail of the page.
    You can then add that bookmark to the Speed Dial from the Bookmarks Manager, and it will appear like that on the Speed Dial page.
    If you add the link directly to the Speed Dial you don't get that choice sadly.

  • What's with the grey everywhere color on the latest Opera 30.0? I really hate it too much and it looks busy and
    annoying to my eyes. How can I get rid of it? The grey is apparently the background color framing of many websites as default. Heck even when you click the opera menu grey is EVERYWHERE!

  • I'm fairly satisfied with the speed dial,it's the main reason I'm using opera,it looks neat and elegant.
    I just want a fix for the bloody youtube player(chrome,Firefox and even Vivaldi support the new design and offers better support for it).
    Make extensions movable.
    Remove the sync icon on top right,it's taking space,we already have it in context menu.
    Delete the bloody bookmark when I make it on speed dial.I don't want a clone of the same page everytime I speed dial something.

  • Make extensions movable.

    Ironically there is an extension that allows you to order extension icons.

    Delete the bloody bookmark when I make it on speed dial

    Could you clarify that please? I don't understand what you're trying to do.

  • For those of you also using Firefox, it has an extension called Fast Dial that is functionally nearly identical to Speed Dial, though it's configuration is a bit more right-click-oriented and a bit less drag & drop. But it can be configured quite accurately, and looks and feels very much like Speed Dial. I love it. It has the additional advantage of showing as a normal folder in the Bookmarks Menu.

    As per many of your comments, I prefer thumbnails too and Fast Dial can be set up that way by simply blanking out the link to icon in Properties for each item.

    I keep checking back here once in a while to see how Opera is evolving, as there's a lot I like here. When last I checked, bookmarks and syncing weren't mature. I'm looking again now.

  • @lando242 when I want to add a website to speed dial I have to press the heart button then the add to speed dial button.but that'll make the same website on both bookmarks and speed dial.

    So if I want to add to speed dial only I have press heart>add to speed dial>go to bookmarks>delete the speed dialed website from bookmarks,which is annoying.

    Until now I didn't see the add to speed dial option in context menu,this'll make things much easier :XP: .

    @wcolwell actually Super Start seems the closest to opera speed dial and it actually lets you change the thumbnails unlike opera's SD.

  • The heart button isn't used for added stuff to the speed dial, only bookmarks. Putting it into the speed dial from the heart menu will be available in a future version but its not in Opera 30 yet. So don't use it for that just yet.

    You can change speed dial entry icons via the heart menu.

  • Until now I didn't see the add to speed dial option

    Right click on the page and you will see it.

  • @leocg I just didn't realize it existed there in the first place until now and have always used the heart icon.
    Now I feel sorry for bashing at opera devs like that.
    Also changing to HTML5 for youtube fixed all the issues I had with it,thanks again leocg for the tip in the other thread.

  • I have to agree for the thumbs on the speed-dial, it's totally not clear on which one you have to click, it was better previously when it was a miniature of this website.


    get us back opera with soul
    this now is confusing and ugly
    please get back miniature pictures of favorite web sites that we put on speed dial

  • it was better previously when it was a miniature of this website.

    You say that like you can't set it to show a thumbnail of the website in the current version. You can do that.