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How to display Main Menu - File Edit View Bookmarks Tools Help

  • WRT

    How do I display the main menu in opera 28?

    Silly question I know but . . .

  • It's the menu for an old version of Opera for Windows. Opera for Android never had that menu.

  • This is in Opera for Android?

  • Sorry, Windows 7 my mistake 😞

    I was posting an Android post and got stuck.

    I can't see how to move it. Bummer.

  • You really can't after about half an hour, but as a mod I can. But same answer - Opera since version 15 hasn't had that menu.

  • To get the Opera 28 menu to open, just press the Alt key, or if that's not enough for some users, then Alt f key.

  • @sgunhouse Thank-you!


    No I mean the myriad of sub-menu specific functionality options that you get on say Opera 12.17. (or other browsers)

    I wouldn't mind the menu going if these options appeared elsewhere 😞

    Is this not reminiscent of Pol Pot's year zero program?

  • @maherrj, I do understand your concern. Still, you do get a lot of keyboard shortcuts for sub-menu specific functionality. If you know the shortcut (which is easily picked up after repetitive use), you don't need to open the menu, by clicking the Alt, or Alt F key. Examples, Ctr Shift B for bookmarks, Alt P for settings, Ctrl Shift E for extensions, F1 for help, etc. Opera 28 has, I believe, relatively few menu items, so doesn't need all of the other sub-menus. It gives you enough, I would argue, based on what material is provided as the main menu items -- generally either a keyboard shortcut for submenus (with an option to just click on the item in the menu in lieu of using the shortcut), or triangles to click on for Sub-material -- such as Bookmarks, Recent Tabs, Page, More Tools and Developer Tools. By not showing the menus or submenus as part of the default view, the browser has a cleaner, less cluttered interface. Some people simply like to have menus and/or submenus out there, not to have to press a key to get them. In that regard, though it may just take a little getting used to, the limited number of menu items, and the ease of opening the menu, will make what they have fine for many. I don't understand the reference to Pol Pot's year zero program (I'm a westerner), but my sense is :XP: that that program was not good. Anyway, sorry the menus/submenus aren't quite what you prefer.

    1. One facility I use quite a lot in Opera 12 is Edit > Select all so that I can then copy/paste text more flexibly than using the Save in txt format. How can I do that in Opera 28

    2. Where do I find the facilities to switch things like Java and Javascript on and off? I nornally hae Java disabled and Javascript enabled, but occasionally need to change one of them temporarily.

    3. What has happened to the search engine data entry field, which was next to the address field? I've used the facility to select my preferred search engine, but there seems no point unless there's a place to use it.

  • Found the answer to the first one above (I think). Ctrl-A seems to still work for that

  • Most of the Windows default keys for such actions work in Opera.

  • I've been using Opera for almost... I really don't remember, I think firt version I used was 2 (10 years?)
    Since the old menus disappeared I'm on Opera 12 but slowly some pages are stopping to work because the oldness of this browser. When this happens I switch to Firefox and when most of the web pages stop working with Opera 12 I will delete Opera & use Firefox.
    I really hate this "Offensive" O in the top left.
    Yes, I'm a picky one but I will not change my mind about it.

  • Pressing the Alt key, or Alt f (or clicking the menu) is painless for me, and I like the larger window I get without having a menu bar across the top of the browser, but everyone is different.

  • I like the option to make that choice and refuse to let someone else force feed me something I do not want.

    This Opera browser is no better than it was when they destroyed the entire vision from Opera when 12.xx was still mainstream. Fact is, the extensions made it more tolerable. And those are not even the work of Opera's design team. Getting any browser to function well usually depends on how good the extensions/plugins are. And until the great extensions were finally available for New Opera, there was no hope for it. And now, I still see no hope because I sense a very unappreciative type of persona behind the effort responsible for building this browser. I do not think the design team gives a damn what end users want and could care less if a half million users look the other way just because there is no file, edit, view menu across the top. And that is very sad. I would immediately want to at least make it an option just as other great browsers have done. This way, it will appeal to both sides of the coin instead of this selfish motif that has long since driven this browser to where it is. An arrogant selfish mentality that says do it our way or hit the road. And the road is just fine with me