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I cannot create new tabs in opera 9

  • It has happened after I accidentally by clicking opera windows forced the disappearing of main menu (FILE-EDIT-VIEW). Then I just can customize by clicking the right button but even then the main bar was inactive. Somehow I renewed the main panel (despite Main BAr is unsigned in menu settings) in menu but, when I create the new tab it substitute existing ones. So I can Just create additional Opera browser pages in new Windows. That is very incomfort. For example when I download the files (images) from opera-mini simulator it at once substitute this opera-mini simulator so I should reload this emulator page once again, and every time. Before it the downloaded files apperead in new tab and it was very fine-but now the new tab is impossible to create. Why? How correct this feature?

  • Tools>Preference Settings>Advanced>Tabs>Additional Tab Options.
    Make sure that "Open windows instead of tabs" isn't checked.
    Are you really still using Opera 9?!

    1. If it is checked or unchecked it does not help (so should it be checked or unchecked as I do not understood?). I have such old opera as I have installed it about 2007 year or so.
      And this issue appeared when I clicked in some region of Opera browser window in upper part (maybe twice or in some unusual way, so I have seen the changes at the monent).
    2. But there happened even the worst situation. When I freed the space for very extensive applocation I have deleted one folder with Java, and just yesterday my opera-mini emulator ( at Opera 9 is not working--I see the black screen. But in other browsers I have the message early nad now that the Java plug-in is not set (correctly as I have several jdks). Early I have read that Opera has built-in java suport so it does not need the external java. But something has happened that I see no opera-mini for this url but black screen in emulated phone screen--but I do not know precisely that yje issue is in Java, but most probably in it. So I do not know what to do, as I tried to set Java_home variable several times but in the vain to see workable opera-mini emulator on Opera or Mozilla?
  • Old versions of Opera called Java directly and did not need the Java plug-in, but they did not actually include Java.

    Did you turn off the tab bar? (Originally called the page bar.) You can still open new tabs (pages) whether or not the tab bar is visible, but if you want it back (if that is the issue) then go to Appearance > Toolbars and turn it back on.

  • Really. The appearance toolbar helped. But what about Java. Maybe I also incidentally turned off the java build-in support in preferences? In prefereces-Connten-the Java is signed. This black screen appeared after I managed to view the emulator then I closed the windows(or tab) and after it, this black screen appeared untill I relaunched the opera again (closing all windows and opening new one). Now this situation takes place each time, and at the beginning too.

  • It has been a long time since I used such an old version of Opera, but it should find the version identified by the control panel applet for Java - presuming that version is compatible with such an old version of Opera. I know some of the latest versions don't work with Opera 12 anymore.

  • The situation reiterated. But now toolbars the main personal tab status bar is deactivated with grey colour so I can not do anything. Unlike adress start view navogation bar. Pnael section also do not allow to check the widgets window and other panels. What happened here and what to to?

  • Sounds like your Opera install is damaged. I'd uninstall it completely with a program like Revo Uninstaller and then install it again fresh.

  • Sounds like he's in a popup window - one without all the other toolbars - and trying to figure out how to get them back. Open a new window, it will have all the toolbars available, then close the window without those toolbars.

    (Early versions of Presto would open popups as windows but with only the page-related toolbars, if you had set it to open windows instead of tabs. We had too many issues like this one though, so later they made it so that popups included full toolbars.)