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  • I've been using Opera for quite a long time, since the 11 series, and I've had quite a couple of issues with Opera over the years, but the issue that came up from the auto-update from Opera 26 to 27 makes the browser damn near unusable.

    My current problem is as follows: While trying to browse using Opera 27, everything in the browser is slowed, as in slow to load, slow to respond to my clicks, slow to everything in general. Furthermore, anytime I attempt to watch a video on say Youtube or even look at an image, the browser either chugs or gets stuck in an endless cycle of loading where either one of two things happens, either the browser becomes unresponsive and needs to be restarted or the browser goes into a "Not Responding" phase with every action I take. All delays that occur, even typing here, are four seconds in delay (yes, I timed it.) To test, I used Firefox and Chrome, using the same websites and videos with zero issues. Flash and the like are all up to date. I hope this gets patched in 28 otherwise I wont be able to use Opera because this right here makes no sense.

    This is my version info:
    Version: 27.0.1689.69 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 8.1 64-bit (WoW64)

  • Disable all of your extensions and see if that helps. If it does, re-enable them one at a time to see which one is causing the problem. If it doesn't help try completely removing Opera and reinstalling it.

  • I've checked and I have no extensions installed and I've attempted to install Opera 26, but it only bumped me up to Opera 27. I feel that a fresh re-install is a last hope, if all else fails.

  • Try disabling hardware acceleration and plugins. Also try checking with a clean profile.

  • So, I've gone and disabled hardware acceleration and the plugins. The issue still persists. Furthermore, I have no clue how to go on and make a clean profile.

  • I have no clue how to go on and make a clean profile.

    Just rename the current profile folder. Check OMenu > About Opera for the path.

  • This is a problem of source code of browser
    it can not cache in memory and use hard disk

    in old times when Presto was used there was a option to stop caching and everything fly

  • I am having the exact problem that lando242 is having. We can't be the only two experiencing this.
    I have resorted to using IE temporarily, ughh!

  • I've gone and renamed everything, but the issue still persists, and is quite a bit more annoying given the fact that Firefox is running like a breeze and my coveted Opera is running like stop and go traffic. There's no real reason for it.

  • I am having the same issue, very slow to respond to even opening and closing a tab. It started this morning after I woke the computer up. Everything else runs fine in my computer. I tried disabling extensions and rebooting the computer to no avail. I hope somebody comes up with a solution.

  • I've been having trouble the last couple of days as well, I can hear a lot of fan activity from my tower, usually an indication my computer is working too hard. Can happen when I have a lot of programs open, running too many tabs, or something. But the last couple of days been happening under fairly mundane conditions. Check of Windows Task Manager shows Opera using a lot more processing power and memory than it should be using under the conditions.

    Oddly, no real Flash/Java problems as usually those are the ones I go to when I have these sort of problems. But Flash and Java sites/programs run fine.

    There's even been times when Opera has burdened system resources so much an actual Vista BSOD is caused when I close Opera! Seems the latest version is... buggy.

  • It is very unlikely that a program is causing Vista to blue screen. Newish versions of Windows have the core of the operating system isolated from applications. While applications can still crash they almost never take the whole OS with them. The three things that do often cause the OS to fail are bad drivers, damage system files and failing hardware (HDs, RAM and graphics cards mostly). Now, Opera demanding a lot of resources can put strain fragile hardware and that might be the cause of the blue screens. Kind of like a knock on effect. Do you have these same high system resource demands in Chrome?

  • I had the issue with my Chrome.
    Crashes happened when I used my RealPlayer simultaneously at least for a while together with the browser running: when I closed the browser, the system shut down.

    Just a hint.

  • RealPlayer is the Sears of the media player business; still around despite everyones perception and its own best efforts. I'd uninstall it at your earliest convenience. Not that this has anything to do with the topic at hand. Thats just my educated opinion as a computer technician. It is not good software.

  • Same opera version, exact same issue and all the same symptoms (tabs are slow to open, high resource utilisation). Appeared yesterday I believe. Could this be a bug in the newest version, 27.0.1689.69?

  • I've done another test with Opera and a comparison to Chrome. Opera bugs out on me with my standard number of tabs, about 30 average (which has been the standard since Opera 11.64). Chrome, on the other hand, bugs out on me when I've jumped well beyond 70. Is it possible to just chalk these issues up to Opera 27 being bugged out? Furthermore, I've been looking into other solutions: Would Opera 28 beta be a solution, and is it known when Opera 28 stable is coming out?

  • I am having the same issues here. Opera feels really sluggish, opening and closing tabs is excessively slow, and sometimes I also get stutters while watching videos, as if the browser is freezing. Those issues are only there with OPERA and are constant no matter the number of tabs open, I can have chrome or any other browsers open with up to 50+ tabs no problem.

  • Hate to say it, but me, too, for some while (not that I can correlate it with Opera 27 vs. 26). I have a fair number of tabs open (33 over two windows at the moment), but I used to have more than that with Opera 12. Opening new tabs, closing tabs, switching among them are all a bit slow, though not every single time. Opera is even sluggish taking my keystrokes right now as I type this, yet no Opera process is consuming any significant amount of CPU. (Windows 8.1)

  • I decided to bite the bullet and just switch over to Opera Next (or Opera Beta, whatever they call it nowadays), and much to my surprise Opera 28 runs smooth and clean, much like the Opera 26 stable did. I'm going to have to chalk up the Opera 27 issue to a bug in that specific version. It's times like that where I wish Opera still asked me update like it used to instead of auto-updating.

  • Well I just installed Opera Beta and it does seem to be much better...