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Lastest build I'm using has frozen and gone "black". Can't use it. How do I get my bookmarks?

  • I want to save them and then uninstall and attempt a re-install so I can re-install the bookmarks. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy 8.4 Pro. OS is up to date as is Opera. I went into the "files" section on the tablet but can't find a folder for Opera....

    I submitted a bug report from the app/android.

    Anyone know about a bug causing the freeze or how to save my bookmarks/favorites?

  • With latest beta version or final?

  • It is build 26.0.1656.87080, the current build on google play.

  • Don't Opera devs frequent this forum? How do we get support? I just need to know where to go to find the folder with my favorites so I can save it, re-install the app and put my favorites folder back in place...

    Barring that, if I just delete and re-install the app, will my google backup put my favorites back in place when I re-install?

  • Don't Opera devs frequent this forum?

    Some of them may pass by sometimes.

    How do we get support?

    You get support from other users.

    Barring that, if I just delete and re-install the app, will my google backup put my favorites back in place when I re-install?

    Not sure but i wouldn't rely on it.

  • Hi scubacat.

    This is a delicate issue indeed.

    The android ecosystem is so spread out with different devices, android versions and drivers. There's just no way we can test every combination before we release, so crashes are unfortunately inevitable.

    Bookmarks are app private data meaning you can't easily get to them... if you could so could other apps and I don't think you would want a random game you installed on your phone to be able to add bookmarks and speed dials to their up and coming games in Opera.

    Sync of user data is an upcoming feature in Opera which would've saved you in this case, alas it's not yet released so it won't help you now.

    The most likely thing to save you is the fact that there's an upgrade, Opera 27, coming your way very soon.

    If you have a rooted phone and a fair share of tech-savvyness then there's always a way to get to your data. If this is the case, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.

    When Opera crashes we do collect crash statistics. Normally we could with your help (if you told us your phone model and the 6 hex-digit install id) locate your crash stats and try to find a solution. However when it's a startup crash that won't help us since there's no way for you to tell us the install id and most likely the crash has happened before we get the chance to send any report back.

    Again, if you're the tech savvy person and really committed a way to let us know what happens is to enable developer mode on your phone, hook your phone up to your PC with a USB cable, install the Android SDK and run a command line program called "adb logcat". That would dump out a log that could tell us what's going wrong.

    I'm guessing these weren't the simple answers you were hoping for but unfortunately that's the best I can do.


  • EMOLLER, thanks for the reply. I now have Opera 27.0.1698.88647 on my Galaxy pro 8.4. It, however, did not fix the issue. I am afraid I will have to un-install and re-install. I am mildy tech savvy but do not delve into the deep end of the pool so to say and know just enough to get my self into trouble. The only thing I can think of that may have triggered, perhaps, an unstable sistuation, is that I had quite a few tabs open...perhaps 20-25. Perhaps that caused a stability problem and a hang issue that freezes everything solid? I tried completely stopping the app from the setting menu, hard reboots etc and nothing I can do fixes it.

  • @scubacat, sorry to hear that it didn't solve your problem. I know I'm not the only one that has been waiting on having the sync feature in a final build!