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Export ENTIRE email section from 12.17 to operamail

  • Hello all,

    I use Opera 12.17 (the last one with the integrated email client) on an old computer, everything is set just the way i want it.

    I'm movong to a new computer so I figured it might be a good time to move to operamail 1.0 and use opera 25 (or 26 or whatever) because a growing number of sites are not running on my old 12.17.

    So what is the PRECISE procedure to export EVERYTHING, knowing that I dont have the password of a mega old email account, it is stored in the opera 12.17 files somewhere but I don't know how to get it out.

    Thanks for the help.

    PS : It would have been so much better to keep the email client in the new versions but this is an old debate right ?

  • I just moved from Opera 12.17 to 26 today. The Opera Mail 1.0 installer asked me from where I wanted to import, and I left it set to its default, (which was the top item in the list, something like "Import mail and settings from Opera Browser"). It brought in all of my contacts and mail settings from Opera 17.12, (even though I didn't have that browser open).

    But, my scenario is different than yours in that I stayed on the same (Windows XP Pro) machine. So, I'd suggest you either

    • install Opera Mail on your old machine, where it can import your contacts and mail settings from 12.17, and then copy, (backup on old and restore on new), your Opera Mail to your new machine,


    • install the 12.17 browser on your new machine, bring your contacts and email settings into that browser, and then install Opera Mail on your new machine, letting it pick up contacts and settings from 12.17. (Then, delete 12.17 from your new machine, if you like.)

    That second process is probably better.

  • The best thing to do is to copy your old mail folder into the new one.

  • knowing that I dont have the password of a mega old email account

    You can log the connection of the outgoing server, send a message and decode the data for your password to get your password. There's really no other way to get the password short of using a password recovery option on the mail provider's site.