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  • Hi!

    If I use Opera or Opera Next sometimes it is very slow, when I change tab, the tab loads page after 5-6 sec and then Windows shows an error:
    igfx (igfxper) stopped responding and has succesfully recovered. I get this message only when I use Opera. Is this an Opera bug?

  • Sounds like your graphics driver is having problems.
    Make sure it's the latest version for your hardware.
    Look in Opera settings and see if hardware acceleration is enabled (bottom of the first page).
    If it is, try switching it off.

  • I've had the same thing happen when opening new tabs in the latest stable Opera in Windows 7 lately. It's not often, but every once in a while the Intel graphics driver seems to crash and then restart (you can tell by Windows switching themes from Aero to Classic (without any transparencies) and back to Aero again). Sometimes this even makes my laptop reboot. It hasn't happened in any program other than Opera, and it has never happened at all until recently.

  • What is on the page? Any animations (Flash, HTML5, SVG)?

  • Originally posted by Almuci:

    ...sometimes it is very slow, when I change tab, the tab loads page after 5-6 sec and then Windows shows an error...

    Windows shows or Opera shows?

  • A small update: Since this started happening I've temporarily switched over to Chrome, and there it hasn't happened a single time. So this definitely seems to be an Opera issue (although it's odd that there are so few reports about it, since it's a somewhat serious issue).

  • We need to figure out a pattern or something relatively repeatable that's likely to trigger the problem so the cause can be analyzed or the problem even repeated by somebody else. As @sgunhouse has asked, are there animations running around the time that this happens (Flash, HTML5, SVG)? Are there any other software applications running at the same time as Opera when this occurs?

    Also, if error messages appear, do they originate from Opera or Windows, as @JoshL has asked?

    Finally, what Opera version(s) are involved in the problem, and are there any browser extensions running at the same time?

  • Hi, I'm probably late but I am experiencing the same problem - Intel graphics driver crashes and recovers when Opera is on. Specifically, when watching videos on youtube as a playlist (at each item change in playlist when Opera is not the active window). I have a specific setup with Vaio dock and external monitor connected via HDMI to the dock. Opera Youtube playing on (secondary) laptop screen. The laptop has also separate Nvidia graphics card, and hardware switch between Intel and Nvidia. Set to Nvidia. Opera v. 23.0.1522.77. Win7 Pro 64bit, i7, 8GB RAM etc. Running a bunch of Adobe apps (PS, ID, AI) alongside Opera.

    I hope I have covered it all.

  • Which Intel graphics card? Mine here is HD4600 and i don't have such issues. Running Win8.1 here.