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  • We are happy to announce the release of Opera for Android 65(65.1.3381.61266)! This version contains improvements for Chromebook, more accessible news categories, and a restructured main menu.

    More changes:

    • Chromium 92
    • FIO crypto address support
    • Improved Yat lookups
    • Extended exit dialog

    Please try the new version and leave a comment with any feedback you may have for us.

  • Bookmark windows and other things spread from side to side, making it so difficult to operate with one hand anymore.
    It was simpler than other browsers and I enjoyed using it because I could manipulate many functions with one hand, but this update ruined all of it.

    Of course, this design was created by many experts.
    However, I would appreciate it if you could set it up in the setting window so that the existing design can be used.
    I want to use the design I want to use.

    Thank you for reading it.
    from the ground of one's heart

  • @miyukiwork
    Not too impressed.
    I have no use for Chromebook, although I understand the need.
    What I really don't like is the main menu pop up.
    I don't want all those settings to pop up when all I want are settings.
    I also don't care for the exit screen I've turned all that delete stuff off.
    The last version was simpler and much easier to use
    You're getting too fancy. Needlessly.

  • Pressing and holding the back button in Opera to view the visited pages causes a forced close.

    Instead, doing the same with the back button on the navigation bar works as expected.

    LG G5 with Android 8
    Opera for Android 65.1.3381.61266

  • @miyukiwork Hello,

    I wonder, what makes you believe that the new main menu is better or more useful than the old one?
    Ι won't comment all those huge and useless buttons but I'm also wondering, what a 'brilliant' mind put the small "Exit" button so close to "Settings" one?

    Please, bring back the old menu or give us an option for that and keep in mind that it's just a mobile phone browser.


  • @ultracitra

    Not everything. It needs final polishing since what you were previously used to, was something that matured but needed a rework. This rework of the user interface design takes time to get mature. I for example indeed see power button and setting button are near each other very close. Another button Screenshot_20211017-034320_Opera.jpg has text written wrong because the text is larger than the buton.

  • Thanks for your feedback about the new main menu. We'll re-evaluate the menu especially with the thoughts of one-handed usage.

  • @avmon

    Can you share your installation ID with us?

  • @miyukiwork 8f 53 d9

    The problem happens when holding down any of the 3 buttons (back, forward and home) which are now located within the three-dot menu.

  • Like many others I ask to have the 'opera://flags' back since sometimes changing a flag can assist in diagnosis of a bug and even can make everything work as it should.

    The alternative is not having these flags as is now the case.

    A flag like disabling the "Android SurfaceControl" would have made Opera smooth at Xiomi and Samsung devices. See Opera stutter thread.

    Example of why opera://flags should be considered.

  • @werby Exactly.
    All we need is a hierarchic tree of options/functions.
    Yes funny about the exit button, it should be on the far left side.

    My main problem about changes like this is the time and manpower that went into it. Its a waste.
    It would be better to help the user with cookies/local storage and so on, the user should be able to decide what happens on their device, not some remote site.

  • I do not see bad the new main menu except what has already been mentioned about the settings and exit buttons very close together but I also think that the icon of the person is not representative for a main menu and that the navigation buttons (back, forward, home) were better inside that menu.

  • I don't consider this a waste of time. Reworking the menu to mature will take feedback and people were used to what was. This is normal and takes time.

    Personally I don't think everything has to be displayed in the popup menu. Aa you see the image I attached, what I did remove before pasting the image could be in the settings. But it might be there to explain users that bookmarks can be saved by synchronized login. This is a one time thing in the beginning making people understand opera haa bookmarks saving and synchronize.

    I prefer it over the old design. Even now. When pressing settings button indeed I too carefully slow down to not press exit by mistake.