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  • I am suddenly getting that infamous "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" error... no clue why or what changed to make it start!
    And I swear I had this issue in the past, too...

    So far, it usually only occurs when I start the computer in the morning and launch Opera for the first time. I get the error, the window closes, then I relaunch and it works.

    I have tried searching for info and most answers are rather convoluted or are so confusing I give up trying to sift through the tech/programmer-talk.

    Is there a standard fix for this issue? I tried reinstalling that Microsoft Visual stuff but it didn't fix the issue. I saw also there is a trick where you rename a file to fix it.


    PS - for some reason the forum won't allow me to upload a screen shot of the error screen

  • @jd401 said:

    or some reason the forum won't allow me to upload a screen shot of the error screen

    You can, but there is a size limit. You can also host it somewhere else and post the link here.

  • There are several things that can cause a Visual C++ Runtime Library error: file corruption, driver conflict, etc. Often, there will be some additional information in the error message or its title that helps point to the cause.

    Typically with this error message, there's some kind of conflict occurring between the graphics card driver and the OS. The usual first step to try to fix things is to reinstall the Visual C++ library in case something there is corrupted, but you've already done that. The next step usually is to try to reinstall/update your video card driver to the latest version compatible with your OS. If the problem is specific to only Opera, the third thing to try would be to reinstall Opera in case one of its files is corrupted. A final thing to check is whether you're using AVAST as your AV... it's been known to cause this kind of error after installing an application program while the AV is running (in which case, you can try to disable AVAST, uninstall Opera, restart the system, then reinstall Opera, and then re-enable AVAST).

  • If it is a driver-related error you could also try disabling hardware acceleration.

  • Thanks for the tips so far, I just need to sit and try them out.

    I Did do a little looking around at my graphics drivers recently. I wish I could remember exactly when the error started and roll back Windows to an older date!

    What is the best way to backup Opera settings, by the way? I should know how to do that by now! 😉

  • @jd401 Enable Sync and backup the profile directory. Check the path for it in opera://about

  • @jd401 has nothing to do with Opera, but OS installation is incorrect

    update it and/or do

    sfc /scannow

  • @leocg

    I just rolled back my PC to a date that might have been before the issue started. Thing is, now Opera won't open at all, so I am reinstalling right now. You've all mentioned stuff that I now need to look into. May take a while!


  • OK, here we go:

    Turn Off Hardware Acceleration : I thought that fixed the problem but it turns out it doesn't

    Reinstall C++: That didn't work But should I uninstall old versions? Will that make older stuff on my PC not work?

    Update /Reinstall Video Driver : didn't help

    Avast : not being used

    Scan PC For Errors : didn't fix problem

    Any other suggestions?

  • @jd401 At this point, having tried all you mention, if it were my system, I'd try "clean-booting" the system ( to determine just what service is triggering the error message. This involves rebooting the system with all the services turned off and re-enabling them one at a time and rebooting until the problem recurs (or alternatively, disabling them one at a time and rebooting until the problem clears). That generally points to the cause of the problem, usually a particular driver or file corruption of some sort. However, not everyone feels comfortable with the amount and level of effort involved in a clean boot analysis. Otherwise, I'm out of suggestions.

    Given that very few users are reporting this kind of problem, chances are very high that there's something peculiar/amiss with your particular system or its settings that's leading to the conflict which triggers the error message.

  • Blackbird - sounds like a good idea

    I Thought I had fixed the problem by disabling the hardware acceleration But it only worked once...

    BUT I Did notice something this morning after the PC started up for the day. Usually I open both a browser and Outlook at the same time. I may be wrong, and need to pay more attention to this, But I Think perhaps the Opera error does Not happen if I open it alone first thing in the morning.

    If this is the case, maybe it is the Outlook program that is causing the problem? If so, why only first thing after the PC starts up?


  • @jd401 When you "start" the computer each time the problem occurs, is that startup from a cold, powered-down state or from a hibernation/sleep state? When you say you "open both a browser and Outlook at the same time" when the problem occurs, does that mean they're automatically opening upon "start" using a "resume" mode (which implies the system is coming out of hibernation/sleep)? In that case, it's possible there's some kind of contention or race at auto-startup coming out of hibernation/sleep between Outlook and Opera involving a common driver or service; and that may be generating an error.

  • Just for the record, YES this was indeed a Windows error... I uninstalled the last three versions of C++ and the error is gone. Not sure what happened, or if perhaps the fact I run Windows 7 Pro on this hard drive is the issue or not.

    BUT I figured folks may like to know the "fix" just in case they end up with the same problem.

    Not sure what will happen if I am ever told by a program that I need the latest version!