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Opera freezes when not used for a while

  • It seems that Opera, like some other good software, has been following the path of not leaving well alone.

    So, while making it heavier by adding several gimmicky features of no use to me, its developers have managed to also make the browser freeze when not used for a while. This is particularly striking when I wake up the computer after snooze.
    And it’s not just me, I’ve also seen others complain about Opera freezing in a discussion forum where I participate.

    As I use the desktop version, I want speed and convenience rather than some marginal energy savings. So I went into the Advanced Settings and turned off all that seemed delaying items, namely:
    Enable battery saver
    Delay loading of background tabs
    Snooze inactive tabs to save memory

    But Opera still freezes. Have I missed something out, or is it now normal for Opera to freeze and I should seek another browser? I make this last remark in sadness, as I have been using Opera since the days it was ad-supported.

  • @rossini
    Does it wake up after some time?
    Can you switch between tabs or is entire UI frozen?
    If you can switch tabs, is their content frozen or only first tab (visible after computer sleep) is frozen?

  • @donq Thanks for the quick response.

    The tab I was on is frozen.
    Yes, I can switch tabs, and that wakes up the browser. Then I can return to the original tab which now works.

    It may seem that this is a small inconvenience, but it's an annoyance every time, that was not happening before the recent update(s).
    Moreover, there are sites, for example DuoLingo, on which I can lose the work I had left unfinished when the tab freezes.

  • @rossini
    This same problem then:

    Did you file bug report? Sometimes those help to fix bugs 🙂