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[Opera 36.0.2130.80]Bookmarks missing after OS reinstall

  • Hello. I am missing all my bookmarks in Opera, version 36.0.2130.80, for Windows XP. This happened after I reinstalled Windows XP.

    I did not uninstall Opera prior to reinstalling XP, or delete any Opera folders or files. I did not reformat the drive. I only chose to fix any corrupted XP system files. I copied all the Windows Opera folders: Program files, Documents and Settings/Administrator/Application Data/Local Settings) and files onto a flash drive, just to be safe.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Opera, and placing all the previous Opera windows folders back to where they were previously, trying to get the bookmarks back. (I kept copies of all the Opera files in Windows folders).

    Is there a way to get my previous bookmarks restored with the Opera files I saved from Windows XP, (Program files, Documents and settings/Administrator/Application Data/Local Settings) ?

    By the way, Opera also does not "fully" open simple websites. For example, if try to open the Amazon icon, I get this pop up message box: It says:

    [Quote]"Invalid Certificate Opera cannot verify the identity of the server "" due to a certificate problem. The server could be trying to trick you. Would you like to continue to the server."[End Quote]

    At the bottom of the pop up box, there are three tabs: 1. Show certificate 2. Continue Anyway 3. Cancel.
    If I click # 2 option, Continue Anyway, it takes me to Amazon, but all the graphics are missing, its just the Amazon text of the home page, kind of unorganized. Up until now I have not had any issues with Opera browser.

    If I click show certificate, a box with three tabs about certificates appears, and I have no idea what to do. Before reinstalling XP, I never had to do anything with this certificate nonsense to use the Opera browser.

    Thank you for your time

  • @diyer I wouldn't normally suggest using the Administrator account, though on XP that was possible.

    You should be able to restore the bookmarks easily enough, some other files (logins and cookies) are encrypted to your user account and it is possible with a reinstall that your account has actually changed. Check in Help > About Opera to verify that your profile is where you think it is (as I say, it may have changed). If it has changed, then be selective about what files you put back.

    There have been updates to certificates and security protocols since 36 was last updated. See if you can find a trustworthy source for updated certificates. Though come to think of it, make sure your date is set properly as an incorrect date will also cause certificate errors.

  • Hello, first off, XP has me listed as the administrator. When you mention user account, cookies, logins, encrypted files, I'm not sure if you mean Opera or XP?

    I never had to have an account to use the Opera browser. I used the browser for 2-3 years. But recently I created an Opera account (after I lost the bookmarks). Some Admin Opera person, told me to go to the forums and ask for help.

    About the bookmarks, there are quite a few videos on You Tube about restoring bookmarks ( any browser ). Essentially they tell you to create some HTML file and to name it something, and then export it so that you can later import it if you need to ( that is my understanding about it ). But, I never did anything like that in Opera. It seems to be something like a preventative step, for crash protection before the crash happens. And if that is what I needed to do, or if that is what you think I did, then all is lost. Nevertheless, since I never uninstalled or deleted anything why would Windows XP remove only the Opera bookmarks, and leave everything else intact?

    I cant say if the location of the profile changed or not because I don't know where it was to begin with. Lastly, Opera isn't really working very well in other areas where it used to work fine, like websites that no longer load up normally, certificates that cannot be verified (I mentioned this before).

    Any other recommendations? Would recovery software be able to find and restore the bookmarks if they are still on my computer?

    Here is what I copied in About Opera:
    Version: 36.0.2130.80 - An error occurred while checking for updates
    Profile: C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\Application Data\Opera Software\Opera Stable

  • @sgunhouse

    Did you see my reply (opera said my reply is 2 months later. Well, when your busy and don't have anyone to help you with anything, 2 months is like 2 days). I borrowed an apple device to browse with until I can recover my lost bookmarks (assuming its possible). So, currently nothing has changed, the Opera browser is still not working right on my PC.

    Any thing else to add to your reply? I hope someone knows what to do.

  • @diyer You need to update, nor Windows XP neither Opera 36 are still supported.

    Regarding the bookmarks, go to opera://about, check the path to the profile directory and paste the Bookmarks from the old profile directory into the new one.

  • @leocg ok, that sounds easy enough. Thank you for your time and the information.