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Opera 75 brings easier access to top features

  • Opera just gets better and better ... thank you! đŸ™‚

  • This post is deleted!
  • The Ad blocker doesn't work in Youtube... Why???? :-(((

  • Good afternoon everyone. I am a programmer and I have a complaint / suggestion to contribute:

    Excuse me in advance if this is the wrong place. I'm just accessing the opera for the first time.

    Where you can "manage work spaces" I think something very important is missing.

    If I have a lot of tabs open, it makes the opera very slow.

    I would like an option to save favorites list of everything that is open to be more accessible. so I can close everything! But it needs to be accessible in one click. I heard that it has this feature, but I haven't found it yet, so it would be great to be accessible. I would save it with a description title and that would list it in a place where I can search descriptions of the list of open windows.

    Thank you for your attention.

  • Hi @vitormanuel, perhaps it is added to exceptions. Go to opera:settings/privacyProtection, click "Manage exceptions" below "Block ads...", and remove "" (or some similar string e.g. "[*.]") from the list (click on 3-vertical-dots symbol on the right of YT domain, and select remove).
    You can turn it on also by clicking the "Privacy Protection" icon on the right of the URL and click "Turn on for this sit" in the pop-up.

  • @l33t4opera: Thanks for the answer... I have tried this, an hour ago, before writing here and it didn't work, I have no exception and on Youtube I see ads....

  • @vitormanuel: It's best to install uBlock from the Chrome store (faster updates) and you'll be much happier.

  • @vitormanuel What kind of ads it doesn't block, the ones served inside the video or the others outside it on the site?
    Could you post a screenshot showing the issue?
    Providing more details may be helpful e.g. the link to the video, specific cases in which the ads show up, also from which country you're accessing YT (the same in case you're using any proxy/VPN services).

  • @l33t4opera: Thanks for the answer... It's the ones served inside the video, It happens in all videos, I'm in Spain and I don't use VPN. I use Opera 75 (with the 74 it's same problem)

    @adam1709: I try uBlock and it's works fine. Thanks a lot

  • @@adam1709: Nooooooooo... it's the same...

  • @vitormanuel I see, since you didn't provide a screenshot it's still not sure which ads are shown, but you can try this: go to opera:settings/privacy and turn off "Display promotional notifications" and "Receive promotional Speed Dials..." options, restart the browser and see if this helps (perhaps this is it).

  • @vitormanuel: Instead of messing around with this ad blocker from Opera, I suggest switching completely to uBlock and turning it off. uBlock is better if not the best of this type of extensions.

  • I speak French. I loved Opera because it did not apply the Windows constrast mode (shift + Alt + PrtScr)
    But, now, Opera 75 applied immediately the Windows constrast mode.
    Thus, I have uploaded Opera 74 ...
    It's almost fine.
    But now, Opera 74 search automatically the new version ...

    Two suggestions :

    1. An option to stop the automatical search of a new version.
      (It will be great for users who use two versions of Opera)

    2. An option to stop this immediate Windows constrast mode.

    (It will be great for web developper who use two web browsers.
    One with Windows constrast mode and another without Windows constrast mode.
    For web developper with visual handicap, it's fine to work with Windows constrast mode.
    But, sometimes, it's necessary to view, during an short time, the color effect for a normal user.
    Use always "shift + Alt + PrtScr" it's not fine, because the code editor also change his look.
    I perfer to click on icon of web browser which doesn't apply the Windows constrast mode.)

  • @adam1709: Thanks for the answer... uBlock doesn't work for me, now I use AdBlock and works fine...

  • @l33t4opera: Thanks for the answer... I never turn on this options, always keep off... now I use AdBlock and works fine, I don't see any ads on Youtube videos...

  • @andrew84
    Blocking ads with Opera works for me, you have to click on Skip Ads in Youtube

  • I have two minor problems with the recent PDF Viewer Update. The PDF toolbar does not hide, and I need to first click within the document before I can use the arrow keys to scroll.

    Also, as someone suggested, saving a page as an MHTML file allows the file to save parts like embedded(?) tweets that do not get included when saving as a PDF. However, when saving a page as MHTML the file still has the .html extension which causes the file to be displayed incorrectly. Would it be possible to have the extension automatically written as .mhtml, instead of having to change it manually?

  • Please consider making the browser regain focus, after you:
    1)Open a new tab
    2)Copy a URL from the address bar
    3)When the download window appears on the right corner.

    I tend to use CTRL+PageUp, CTRL+PageDown primarily to move left-right on the tabs, and it is a little bit irritating to have to click without an obvious reason, anywhere on the page after those functions, for the browser to regain focus and the keyboard shortcuts to be usable again.

    Also if you are playing a YouTube video and a program, like μTorrent for example, is running on the taskbar system tray but is closed as a tab, and you click on the tray icon for the program to appear and close it again, the browser never regains focus and shows a black screen after that, due to the Chromium feature to save resources. But then you have to click somewhere on the browser, for it to start showing video picture again. Thank you.

  • @vitormanuel: Opera's adblocker semi-works in YouTube - it blocks the ads themselves, but doesn't block the nag screen. So what you get is a partial result: a grey screen with the five-second countdown wheel, but not the ads themselves. Both uBlock Origin and AdGuard's browser extension work fine on YouTube, probably because they support a more extensive range of adblocking rules compared to Opera's built-in blocker.

  • Hello, what's your position on Google Floc? Are you gonna block it too... please?