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  • Today, I am looking for a browser from Edge to something else, until I found Opera GX.

    It met almost all my expectations!

    Normal features, fast browing, customization, bookmarks, and new features like ram, cpu, network limiter, sidebars, multitasking in browser, and gaming features.

    The only thing I'm missing, is trust and privacy.

    Can I trust Opera?

    There have been incidents before, and I am scared to share my private information. I want great features, but I don't want my data sold.

    Can someone reply? That would be great.

    I want to trust Opera, but I have concerns.

  • @andreimattponayadf That's a question that only you can answer.

  • @andreimattponayadf Opera has to follow Norwegian privacy laws, which require information they collect can only be used for the stated purposes. They can't sell it unless they tell you that's what they plan to do with it, and if they later decide they wanted to they'd need to collect it again since that wasn't what they originally collected it for.

  • @andreimattponayadf,
    Despite the whole scary fact that Opera has been owned by a Chinese company since 2016, the actual Opera headquarter is still located where it always has; in Oslo, Norway. And as @sgunhouse said above, that means Opera have to comply with norwegian laws, no matter. And I can say by personal experience, that we norwegians have a tendency to enforce the law with a straighten back. (Most tend to follow the law with a straight back as well, thankfully)

    Although I agree that the choice wheter to trust Opera or not, ultimately falls into your own hands, I personally feel safe as can be. And Opera also have a refreshing company transparency. (Unlike certain tech gigants)

    Just my personal thoughts..

  • Opera is completely trustworthy. If you still have any concerns there is a #VPN feature that tunnels through the ISPs to ensure your identity is completely protected and safe.

  • Hello!
    Opera is definitely trustworthy. I use it since years and never had concerns.
    Have a great day!

  • @andreimattponayadf said in Can I really trust Opera?:

    I want to trust Opera, but I have concerns.

    Indeed. I share your concerns. I go back to the old Opera (circa 2000) and greatly lamented its passing and the passing of the Opera Community where many like me lost everything. I suppose that the current Opera browser could be trusted for general browsing but I would be reluctant to link to my bank account and/or make any purchases with it. The reassurances that it is still under Norwegian laws and even located there mean very little to me. We live in a global community so geographic location is somewhat meaningless. For more sensitive things on a Windows machine, I would use either the Tor browser or Brave. I wish Jon had never left Opera but that is so much water under the proverbial bridge. It is what it is.