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  • @shintoplasm01: Since doing a system restore last night, I've been occasionally getting extension error notices, at first from Opera and then other programs, but I can't find what they refer to, or what they refer to appears to be set up correctly.

  • Okay, I found out why my Speed Dial wasn't loading, the Speed Dial folder reset itself and deleted the contents when installing or updating my extensions and even when installing live wallpaper themes the Speed Dial would default back to empty and all my tiles would be moved to the 'Other Bookmarks' folder section under 'DESKTOP-46P963L'.

    If your Speed Dial folder is empty then Opera is most likely searching for your tiles in the folder tree in the case of where mine were moved too in the 'Imported / Other Bookmarks ' section which is probably why it took ages to load or didn't load at all.

    I had to copy all my tiles back into the Default Speed Dial folder so that they would load as normal and upon doing so my Opera Speed Dial page was back to it's fast loading speed.

    Anyone having slow loading or experiencing an empty Speed Dial page should look into it as it may solve your issue as it did mine... for now.

  • @sgrandin Perhaps a Windows update and reinstalling the extensions might correct the issues? as you did a system restore it might have removed some of the Windows updates relative to your extensions working properly.

  • @rastanz: Windows was/is up to date when this all broke out. During the day there was a Defender update and a NET update, but apparently they weren't taken out by the restore, since the NET update hasn't reappeared (I check twice a day because of security updates). The underlying question is did the NET update cause the SD problem, or did Opera send an unannounced update, or do something else that triggered it in some other way. I see your work around, but other than checking an extension when there's an error, I haven't had any SD problems since.

  • New version - 74.0.3911.218 ;-)

  • why do you manipulate comment sections so much ...

  • @adam1709 What do you mean?

  • @leocg: For example, it is here that the update is released, instead of new comments, they are loaded from the .203 version.

  • Since release v74.0.3911.218 Opera shows a "5 seconds" image every time you fast-forward/rewind in a video. I find this very disturbing. Is there an option to toggle this off?


  • @adam1709 Because the post/topic is the same, it was just edited.

  • @deus-exx As far as I know, it's from YouTube.

  • @leocg:
    No, it isn't. For example, try with the Firefox browser, you don't get to see these images there.

  • @deus-exx What about other Chromium based browsers?

    Sometimes I see that X seconds image even in YouTube app.

  • I think the borders of the active address bar should be a little brighter, as in Edge and Firefox Proton.

  • @leocg:
    Yeah, probably it is from Youtube after all. I just checked some Youtube videos embedded on external sites. There the "5 seconds" images do not appear, but they do show up when viewed directly on Youtube. Yet there was one externally embedded video where the images also did appear.

    It is strange though that in Firefox you don't get to see these images at all.

  • @leocg:
    Just did a test run with the current release of the Vivaldi browser (Chromium). No "5 seconds" images appearing on Youtube.

    That makes 2 votes against 1 that Opera is to blame for these images.

  • You might want to take a look at the sidebar player apps "Apple Music" and "YouTube Music" they don't keep the settings if you resize their windows and they revert to a preset smaller size every time you reopen them. Spotify does not have that problem....Also for a few updates now, the pop-out video for YouTube, does not keep the new size and position if you change them(at least I remember it used to, I don't know anymore, if I mix it up with another browser, its being a while that Opera's doesn't).

  • @deus-exx How exactly are you doing that?

  • @leocg: New version, new changelog. So there should be the new blog post too.

    By the way, Beta's changelog looks almost identical, but there's

    DNA-91976 Cashback Web Monitor active even with flag disabled

    I think it's worth mentioning about memory leak in Stable thread too and that the fix is coming (or it was fixed already). Quite critical issue for someone, but they (Opera) just keep silence on both on forum and in the blog and edit blog post instead of creating new one with the explanation.

  • @leocg:

    1. Startup browser (Opera, Vivaldi, Firefox, etc.)
    2. Visit the URL ""
    3. Select any video to play
    4. Press left/right arrow keys to advance/rewind the video
    5. For external sites (e.g. a games news page) read any news post containing an embedded youtube-video, play it and advance/rewind the video with the arrow keys.