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Pop-up about important update available

  • How can I make it stop?I have all notifications blocked but still opera keeps pushing update pop ups this red one and a white big square one aswell
    I thought my phone had a virus but I've ran a bunch anti malleware apps and its clean

  • I dont know how to edit my post .anyway I dont think this is opera pushing this update popup, I think it's one of those web site notifications scam things and not malware I must have accidentally clicked yes instead of no when a site was saying do you want to see notifications at some point. so ive gone to site setting on my opera browser and deleted all the sites that were listed and blocked all sites from sending notifications ,so I went settings /site setting /notification and clicked denied I'm assuming that will stop this crap now lol at the porn hub tab how did that get there

  • Opera pushing urgent update app pop ups across the entire home screens please help
    I have all notifications off



  • @live1one What version do you have? Are you sure it's coming from Opera? I don't see such popups here.

  • @leocg Screenshot_20210228-173440_Opera.jpg

    I've even factory reset the phone and still the pop up shows.ran malwarebytes and no viruses or malware. It's annoying
    I'm using an old verion of opera as you can see as I prefer this version and dont want to update

    I've never had these pop ups before and I've been using opera on this phone for 2 years i had one of the same in yahoo mail saying the same thing update available pop up .so yahoo mail and opera I've seen these pop ups so far.
    I'm using Samsung galaxy Note 9

  • @live1one You are using a very old version of Opera for Android, so maybe that's the reason you are getting such notifications about updating the app.

    Keep hitting not now and it eventually will stop showing up.

  • @leocg I deleted the good old version and installed the latest version just to test, the pop up still happens saying update
    Sometimes the pop up is red and with no way to refuse the update and sometimes its white.why is opera forcing these notifications?this has never happened before.and I have opera set with all notifications blocked but the pop up still gets I'm back to the old version again as I hate the new version of opera super buggy

  • @live1one I don't think they are coming from Opera.

    How Opera was installed?

  • @leocg installed normally mate. If it's not coming from opera what is it and what's it coming from?and how to make it go away permanently. I factory reset the phone yesterday. Amd woke up this morning to the update opera pop up across my home screen.
    Since then I deleted the cashe and data from opera and yahoo mail as it's also happening with yahoo has not returned yet since clearing the data from opera and yahoo.but I'm waiting for it to come back 😞
    Ps I tried to see if its virus but it's not a virus or malware as the malwarebytes says the phone is clean

  • @live1one So it was installed from Play Store?

  • @live1one No idea about from where it is coming from. Maybe from a site or an app?

  • @leocg opera is from the play store bro

  • @live1one He was talking about the notification. Do you have some security software installed? Sometimes that will tell you when your apps are out of date. But if you updated to the latest version and are still seeing it, then you have malware on your system giving you fake alerts.

  • @sgunhouse. So how to get rid of mallwhere?
    Because I've scanned the phone and its clean.ive even factory reset it

    Yes I have malwarebytes installed
    Since clearing the data and cash from opera I've not seen the pop up come back yet
    I'm not good with technology hence why I'm here asking for help with this opera and yahoo update pop ups

  • This post is deleted!
  • I think I sorted the problem I'll be back if the issue comes back.

  • Dammit the update pop up is back I think its frlm opera and its forcing me to update a perfectly good app that I dont want to update

  • @live1one first of all, you were using very old version (Version 53) whereas the current release version is 62.
    Can you give what is the updated version now? You should be using Version 62 now.

    I do not see any such notification for apps especially from Opera.

    You may be using a security software which may be saying Opera is not up to date. You have to find out from where it comes.

    If it's coming from Opera, it should go away after update.

  • Re: Pop-up about important update available

    The pop up is back telling me to update the dam app at this point it's time to find a new browser as much as I love opera I cant take this bs from opera. If I want to update I will just dont keep pushing notifications to me telling me to update it

  • Cant edit my posts so I'll reply to it instead. So 2 months ago the pop up was driving me I updated opera to the latest version v62 march I think and the pop up immediately 2 months later the may v63 is out and low and behold the pop up is back telling me to update to the newest version. I'm deleting opera it's a shame as it's my favourite browser but opera should not be overriding our phones when we have them set to not update and product and service notifications blocked.i have all opera notifications blocked.been using opera since the beginning so it's such a shame