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Is there a way to resize Save folder?

  • This problem started a few weeks ago. When I go to save a file from a website, Opera pops up a huge full screen "location" page. The page has arrows to resize, but they don't work. I find this very annoying, because it is easier to pick the correct folder to save in, when I can see my open folders on my desktop. Is there anyway to reduce the size of the window when it opens in Opera?

  • @fishsticks255 Is it maximized? Then you'll need to restore it.

  • You could try and resize the window with your mouse cursor.

    Hope this helps!

  • @fishsticks255 Here I can change the size of the Save As dialog without any problems. Make sure that you didn't change anything in Explorer settings that may be blocking you from resizing the window.

  • As of this morning, I am having the same issue. I submitted a bug report for it. It happens on both the Save File window and the Open File window. The windows fill almost my entire screen, although they are not truly full screen as there is a very slim strip of desktop visible on the sides and bottom. At upper right there is only the "X" and no minimize option or toggle between full screen/less than full screen. When I click and drag the sides or a corner, the window still does not resize. Extremely annoying.

  • W10 seems to behave badly - if you double-click on "Save As ..." window caption, it maximizes and cannot be resized (although it retains resize grip and is not fully maximized either); if you double-click on caption again, everything returns to normal 🙂

  • @donq That solved it!!!!! Thank You! Such a silly thing, but it was driving me nuts. I greatly appreciate the help.

  • @oliverdavis2006

    It won't move, the arrows are there, but when I click and try to move with mouse cursor it does nothing.

  • @leocg Saving on other browsers or elsewhere in Windows works fine, it is only in the Opera browser that I have this problem.

    @sgunhouse There is no restore. The box fills the whole screen and can't be restored, minimized, or resized.

    @donq W10 This sounds helpful, but I don't quite understand what you are saying. When I right click on a picture in the Opera browser window, then single-click "save as", I get the enlarged window that can't be moved or resized. Where is the caption that you say I should double-click on to get things back to normal?

  • @fishsticks255 In Widows 10 (as in Linux), if you double-click on the title bar of a window (even a dialog like Save) it maximizes or restores that window. Nothing else to understand - open the dialog, double-click on the title bar and it will become smaller and resizable.

  • @fishsticks255 In case you don't find sgunhouse's post helpful....

    When you get that huge window that can't be moved or resized, look at the left side of the title bar for the window. Put your pointer up where it says "Save" (or "Open" if you're getting the huge window when you're trying to attach a file or something, as I was) at the left side of the title bar, and then double click. The window will resize to a smaller size, and will once again be adjustable like normal.

  • @sgunhouse Thank you! Now I understand, I appreciate the help.

  • @beckbjj Thank you very much for the help! I understand now and issue has been fixed.