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  • @mahotilo: Your first idea is good, but for 2nd one, you can use [ctr]+[f] to search in page.

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  • @gik-team: It's being worked on, we're resolving problems with video playback on content-protected steaming sites.

  • @taroj1205 I can also use the search engine shortcut in the query string. But we are talking about how to make our life easier.

  • @avl Thank you!

  • As long as it is customizable, I don't want to risk seeing Alibaba, Booking, Facebook or Amazon every time I click at the address bar. The mockup looks good!
    I really miss keyboard short cuts (such as ctrl+1 for the first tab) and that I have to use the mouse more nowadays.

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  • @mahotilo But isn't [ctr]+[f] easier?

  • @taroj1205 What about touchscreen display?

  • @mahotilo You can buy a keyboard.

  • Allow some bookmarks to be placed there?
    I've wanted auto-hide bookmarks bar for a while. It saves the extra click or mouse gesture to open a new tab - besides, the speed dial can get too crowded. You can also use JavaScript shortcuts from the bookmarks bar, unlike from the speed dial.
    If you add bookmarks to the address bar (bookmark bar style) then it solves both matters.

    Or allowing to select search engine from a scrollable list - having to remember every unique keyword to trigger the engine can get bothersome.

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  • As was suggested earlier (here is September's post you could add all the Opera tools shortcuts from the sidebar (not so good that it will duplicate sidebar but it will be useful for those users who don't like the always visible sidebar) and place them horizontally on the bottom of the BABE popup (+ quick buttons on top, of course). If using only icons for Opera tools like on the sidebar (without titles), there will be quite a lot of space for the user defined shortcuts. Also, as described in the suggestion above (see link) there should be a separate section on the browser Setting page where the BABE pane will have customizable portions.
    *Quick actions buttons have a high priority for me because, as I already mentioned above, it directly refers to the currently opened page/address.
    Other shortcuts are not so important but maybe can be useful too.
    I'm also confident that shortcuts must be user defined (in BABE's settiings) to exclude future request. You can even add a poll in the blog and get some most frequently used options/features now. But maybe you will add the same poll again (2 months later for example) and you will get different results. And the second reason (why shortcuts must be user defined) is that not too much users here in the blog (why.. I remember there were a lot of users and comments previously in the blog. Now maybe half of that or even less. Maybe worse commenting system is guilty or poor feedback and ignoring, maybe Edge/Vivaldi is guilty) and our opinions can reflect not the real picture of other users wishes

  • @oskarwik: ctrl+1 still working for me (Opera dev/Ubuntu). Maybe the shortcut is disabled in your settings?

  • i have to confess, I prefer it clean and simply: No address bar dropdown! So as long as I can disable it, it's fine with me :-).

  • The only thing i need is disabling options for whatever you 're thinking. Just be careful while you keep adding new stuff not to end with a heavy (cpu & memory eating) browser.

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  • Address bar dropdown:
    Make it work with touch

  • Frame the address bar using a physical frame, or gradient, so its easy to focus on and make button icons within the optional inclusions that are user-selectable. Thank you.

  • BTW, Opera has a bug in URL bar list which annoys me quite a bit when I'm using browser a little bit faster. When you click the URL bar, the addresses from history and prompts appear and then, when you hover over the list, then you have to sometimes hover over multiple times as at first it doesn't recognize properly the position of cursor and highlights bad addressess.