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  • @pavelopdev comparing to the previous commenting system (disqus) it's very inconvenient now because they publish changelogs and announcement in the blog, but it's impossible to post pictures/gifs from the blog comments form. Also, in the blog there is a tree view in contrast to this forum. And posts editing time limit is very short (30min).

  • @andrew84 You can view the conversations in a tree view mode here too, it's just not automatic.

  • @leocg yes, but it's a bit another thing, all the comments from trees are duplicated below.

  • @leocg Firstly, thank you for helping in deleting my post's copy.
    Secondly, how to switch to the tree view?

  • @pavelopdev You can't switch to tree view exactly but if you click on X Reply(ies) on the bottom left of a post, you can see the replies to it and follow the conversation.

  • @leocg Gotcha! Tnx.

    1. Improve the video pop-out. Make it like in the yandex browser currently and like it worked previously in Opera (before Chromium's popup implementation)
    2. New Player popup should be improved too, add volume control (click icon to mute/unmute) and allow fast forwarding by clicking the progress line.
      *also, the big problem for me on youtube music is the ads are not blocked in the player panel. In the main window the block is working fine.
  • @andrew84 and in light mode the control buttons and progress line don't look great being the simply black. I guess some gray or light blue should be used (maybe the color of sidebar icons can be used)

    *also, in dark mode youtube icon is white for some reason, in light mode the icon is correct red.

  • @andrew84 That's exactly why I christened Vivaldi as "80% Browser". A lot of options/functions finished in 80% and with no slightest chance to change the status quo. With all my requests/asks/begs I was able to wallpaper my rooms, at best. Other reasonable users could do the same.

    I got still the deep hope new Opera will not follow Vivaldi's path.

  • @pavelopdev Next two examples what to polish in Opera Dev, voice similar to @andrew84's one above.

    I've tried to move the last fifth item in Site panels to second place. The free area for it was created (see Fig. 1) - the first item and the second one have spread up and down a little. When I released mouse button after moving website where I wanted it to be, the movable part got back to the original position (fifth from top). No change.

    [Fig. 1] Changing website's order via drag'n'drop, failed.

    I vote to increase websites limit in Site panels, 5 items is too restrictive.

  • @pavelopdev Yes, drag and drop rearrange doesn't work for custom sites. Custom sites is relatively old feature already. I don't remember exactly when it was first implemented but I have flag (disabled by default) in 69 Stable version. Developer version is 74v. already and the flag is still disabled by default. Player was introduced in 73 Developer version and it's in Stable already (pretty fast promoting). And another one feature was presented during this time - EasyFiles. It seems that 'custom sites' feature doesn't look important for them and thus doesn't receive any improvements (according to the recent changelogs).

  • @andrew84 As you read my posts you know well I hate "80% Browsers". If one enters an option let it be finished! Custom site panels (CSP) are not so important to me, I can skirted it over recreating fully functional ersatz thanks to workspaces. Anyway, if CSP exists, it needs to be fully implemented.

  • @pavelopdev custom sites has more additional potentials than the simply bookmarked pages on the sidebar. There were pretty much complaints when they (Opera) removed the 'InstantSearch' feature and as I suggested here there cold be some predefined panel that will allow perform an instant search and see the results side by side. Edge (on chromium) has the similar feture already, in Opera it could be in more advanced view.

  • @andrew84 I've read the thread, thanks. I know now that Player is more ready (to be published) than CSP (Custom Site panels). 🙂 The sad thing is that your's and others' knocking on Opera Sezame Gate seems to be rather fruitless. 😞

    BTW Paying attention to Edge might bring a thought about slowness of Opera Desktop development, alas. How many times one can write posts on the same topics, or bugs, or lack of finishing/polishing doings? I admire your stamina in your efforts to push Opera Dev development and "debugging" on faster track and to be more focused on details.

  • @pavelopdev Player is already published in latest Stable update so the feature is fully ready to use (at least in their view).

  • @andrew84 said in Opera 74.0.3876.0 developer update:

    @pavelopdev Player is already published in latest Stable update so the feature is fully ready to use (at least in their view).

    Yep, when it plays than it's fully ready. New control functions/icons? What for? Do not be a nasty guy! 😉 (From this page:

  • @pavelopdev control panel (that has very few controls actually) shows the development efforts.
    You can just save 'YouTube Music' for example as a sidebar custom site and get almost the same 'Player' (excluding auto mute feature).
    *But in both cases (at least here) ads are not blocked in the panels (but blocked fine in window).

  • Please, correct visibility of your own Opera Help Shortcuts page.
    Screenshot from CRT 1600x1200 LG Flatron F900P.

    I've found it when I switched on Advanced shortcuts option to check what it meant.

    [Fig. 1] "Command the browser's" Shortcuts table

  • Please, correct Snapshot option. It works badly on your own Opera Help pages too!

    Screenshots from CRT 1600x1200 LG Flatron F900P.

    OpSys: Debian GNU/Linux Bullseye + IceWM
    Opera: 74.0.3876.0 Developer - 2 windows with 7 Workspaces each
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 2 GB DRAM
    NV Driver: 455.38 (Nvidia compilation drivers, not Debian files)

    A. One window layout 1600x1200 (full view F11 from 800x1200)
    A.1 Shift to the Left

    [Fig. 1] Snapshot selection (image selected from 1600x800 screen using system screenshot)

    [Fig. 2] Snapshot's screenshot made by Opera (shifted left)

    B. Two window layout 2 x 800x1200
    B.1 Shift to the Bottom

    [Fig. 3] Snapshot selection (one Opera window image using system screenshot)

    [Fig. 4] Snapshot's screenshot made by Opera (shifted down)

  • @beboss: any fix??????