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Aliexpress promotion in sidebar and start page

  • Opera team, are you ok?
    How to disable this?


  • Haven't seen it here, but it could be one of those A/B tests - or may be only in certain countries?

    Two obvious thing to try - if you right-click other sidebar icons the first option on the context menu is "Hide {whatever the item is}". Alternatively, everything should be listed in the sidebar settings (click the 3 dots at the bottom of the sidebar).

    (An A/B test is when they send a version with a new feature to only some users, it usually has a different version number from the regular version. So, see if the version number looks different.)

  • I have found solution. After you open that window there is menu button and there you can click "do not show this more" (or something like that, i have other language set).

    But it is certainly new app channel.

    You cant hide it from sidebar settings.

  • c0ac720a-2acd-43f8-8519-5284eb574a18-image.png

    How to disable THIS???
    This showed up after I hided sidebar icon
    Opera team it's really annoying ! Do you really want me to switch to different browser ?!

  • What is this?
    how can I remove this?
    opera is clean


  • I have the sidebar disabled but when I opened Opera today, I found a huge advertisement from Aliexpress on top of the Speed Dial tiles that I had to close. I've also seen that icon in the sidebar.

    What is the use of disabling all the advertising options in Opera settings if they keep inserting more and more ads that become annoying?

    This, the bugs and removing the useful button to open recently closed tabs makes me consider changing the default browser.

  • @newmangaka Probably some (partner) promotion.

  • Opera not only fails to block ads on webpages (which hasn't been fixed for months!), it actually Pushes their own ads right in the browser!

    This spam was added to speed dial without consent:


    This spam was added to sidebar and it cannot be turned off!:


    What's even more ridiculous, it shows on top of fullscreen content e.g. YouTube:


    Also the android version started adding spam to speed dial against the settings ("suggested spam" turned off)

    Are you guys out of your minds?! Looks like this really is Opera's downfall... Shame really, it used to be such a great browser.

  • @avmon couldn't agree more!

  • @Lord-Blizzard Opera is slowly sliding down to a gutter forcefully pushing on our Desktops new c__p. Instead of asking us and/or adding two new items to Settings, Opera Team has created in previous releases few patches (embedded backdoor code) enabling itself to flood us or litter our browser with unwanted s__t.

    Without our consent. Polish coders without Polish understanding of freedom. Bad news is developing...
    👿 🤮

  • Yeap after 10 years of using i've just uninstalled Opera Browser.
    With Global market share about what... 2%? and Opera team made something like this !

  • I've tolerated some Speed Dial adverts, but that huge icon on the sidebar is too much. I'm really thinking about switching to Edge or Vivaldi... Do you know some good and safe speed dial extension? I don't need much more to be honest, all extensions I use are in Chrome Web Store...

  • This post is deleted!
  • This post is deleted!
  • @herrpietrus Opera Speed Dial is what keeps me tied to Opera. The day someone comes up with a reasonable knock-off....

  • It is working fine with me. I haven't encountered any Aliexpress ads so far.
    If you are facing some ads, then it may be a promotion.
    You can close it manually, I think.

  • @naheed Aliexpress app (via clicking icon with both LMB and RMB) cannot be removed or opened now. The first icon (from this thread) was changed to the next version:
    Unknown icon in sidebar/left side

  • @pavelopdev Then it should be removed. I hope developers will remove such type of Ads.
    I have seen various threads related to the same issue.
    Hope so, it will be solved soon.

  • @naheed The big problem is not the unwanted ads. It's the method or the technical means applied which enables them to push to you ((subliminal or undetectable) and nefarious) activities.

  • So, did you figure out how to turn it off yet? At the top - next to the "x" to close the panel - you can see three dots aligned vertically. Click on that, choose "Don't show this again", done. Not an obvious place, but it is there.