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Unknown icon in sidebar/left side

  • What is this?Screen_20201110-154210.png

  • I have the same issue, when the sidebar is disabled it appears in the left corner, what is that?

  • @yacup What it does? I've got one today regarding some (aliexpress?) promotion.

  • when clicked, it restarts opera with addons disabled. (in safe mode?)

    creating a new profile solves the problem

  • Opera: 73.0.3856.31, beta, windows 7

    When i refresh (and open) new Tab (speed dial page), something strange opening in left side...
    Looks like small window - when i click top-right box then window dismiss, when i click bottom-right box then shows whole window - something like linux console / debug window / etc. but without title:


  • It appears on the sidebar but it cannot be disabled

  • Ubuntu 18.04 / Opera 72.0.3815.320

    Same problem. At first I thought it was caused by some extension so I turned them all off but it didn't help.
    It resides on sidebar and trying to click close button several times simply closes and restarts the browser. When sidebar is off it just appears on same spot every time I open Speed Dial page and I can simply close it without any errors.

    I have a theory it has something to do with Aliexpress promo I got couple of days ago, that's when the problem first started. It's 11/11 and this small nuisance of a window refuse to disappear - not a coincidence.

  • Hello today i got problem with opera. constantly some weird button shows on left side of browser 😃 when i put on it mouse it changes to red and when i click it, it dissapear but after some time get back. Dont know what it is. Tried to turn off extensions but nothing changed. !

    Zrzut ekranu z 2020-11-11 13-32-00.png

  • I've gotten to receive a new louse in my Sidebar. Similar to the first one described in this post:

    It appears from time to time then vanishes. It does open nothing and does have no attached switches. When pressed it crashes two window Opera fully.

    It appears in the same position of Sidebar as Aliexpress Louse.

    I'm pissed off really. The issue suggests Opera has a backdoor in code. It does not imply that Opera Team is testing or is malicious intentionally. It might be interaction between new versions of Opera Dev and IceWM (X Window system) I use in Debian.


    I'm not of fond of any lice in Sidebar. Some are saying they are going to jump on other browser's platform, but I will try to be patient and be nice guy which will wait for real explanation from Opera developers. I can't understand why they are hushed up on this issue. But my patience has its limit. One source claimed Opera has 0.6% market share. BTW What is the max upper threshold of statistical noise? At 0.3%?

    Latest prove, 1 min after sending this post.

    OpSys: Debian GNU/Linux Bullseye + IceWM
    CPU: Intel Pentium G645 @ 2.90GHz
    Memory: 8119 MB (5584 MB used)
    Opera: 74.0.3870.0 Developer - 2 windows with 7 Workspaces each
    Monitor: CRT 1600x1200
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 2 GB DRAM
    NV Driver: 455.38 (Nvidia compilation, not Debian files)

  • Aaand I was right, it's aliexpress. 😑
    Снимок экрана_2020-11-11_17-19-07.png
    I turned off every single ad-related thing I can in this browser and still got this. You know what? Back to FF I go. 😠

  • This post is deleted!
  • really no solution? -.^

  • @traws Solution for? I clicked on it, a panel opened, i clicked on the three dots and then on Never Show Again and it seem to have worked.

  • @leocg Zrzut ekranu z 2020-11-12 17-16-59.png dont have three dots from that shit 😃 only three dots from side panel but all is turned off and this shit still shows up

  • @traws Seems different from the one I got.

  • @leocg ye its only clear frame except that little blue on top xD