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How to transfer custom search engines from Chrome to Opera?

  • I have hundreds of custom search engines in Chrome. Is it possible to export from Chrome & import into Opera or even Better - keep them in sync all the time as I use them interchangeably?

  • Goto the URL chrome://version in Chrome and opera://about in Opera and take note of the "profile" paths. Then, close both Chrome and Opera. Then, copy the "Web Data" file in Chrome's profile folder and paste it into Opera's profile folder while choosing to overwrite Opera's existing "Web Data" file.

    Then, you're good to go.

    Now, if you need to add on to Opera's "Web Data" file instead of replacing it, there are some advanced things in that might help.

  • Hi there,
    First, you need to remove the chrome as a custom search engine by:-
    Unchecking"make this default" by going to the
    -chrome settings > search engines in the browser.
    Chrome displays two groups of search engines: the default search settings, all engines that Chrome ships with, or were added by you as default search engines, and the other search engines.
    You also get to choose the default option when you first download a browser.

    Now, change the default search engine in opera by-
    opening opera:> settings> search engines in the browser's address bar to do so. Check and make it the default browser.

  • @burnout426, where can I find the "Web data" folder? Thought it is in this directory but there isn't such a folder:

    C:\Users{Username}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data{profile}

    {profile} is by default "Default"

    Same goes for the Opera folder - where can I find it?

    Lastly, how can I keep BOTH browsers in sync as I update the search engines? Thank you.

  • @geekygirl Web Data is a file that can be found in Opera and Chrome profile directories.

  • @geekygirl You can't keep them synced.