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[Solved]Save as dialogue, turn off grouping

  • My win10 settings have grouping turned off, the other browsers I use, when i download do not show 'grouping' in the explorer window, but for some reason Opera does...
    This is very freaking annoying.. I know the folder I want, but they are grouped by 'recent', one week, one month, etc, instead of alpha order and grouping cannot be turned off..
    This is a huge issue, it wastes time, and is very inefficient.
    I save a lot of things, and this is a deal breaker for me.. I can't use Opera when I need to download because of this ridiculous interface.

  • @core What are you talking about? I don't see anything like that here.

  • @leocg 8b7e5395-3332-4ee5-b769-165a0dd1b866-image.png

    This - and it only happens with Opera, not Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave, etc.. just Opera.

    Unfortunately for me, I just tested on another laptop, and it doesn't happen there.. just my dev box, where I need it the most...

    Glad you said that.. now I have to go figure out what the heck is going on with Opera on this one PC.

  • Click on the Organize button and change the setting; nothing hard.

  • @sgunhouse --- yea, sorry, incorrect answer. Not an option there.
    You should be able to right-click on one of the dividers like 'Today' and there would be a context option to not display in groups, but it is missing.

    As I was writing this, I found the context menu I needed...
    I had to collapse the groups and r-click in the blank space and finally found the group-by menu..
    4 other browsers on this particular machine, and they are all fine.
    Opera and Opera GX, not so much, but, problem now solved.