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What about respect for my Privacy rights?

  • More and more I find I have to disable SMRC'er blockers in order to "Submit" a form, login to places (even here I had to turn off stalker-blockers and so far, 32 peeps and pervs side-stepped my rights to privacy and prevented me from viewing the site as it should appear. Oops, make that 76 perve and peeps. Some were hiding.

    When I disable SMRC'ers, I can see the site better, and, can log in. Blocking SMRC'ers, I cannot login. Why? Because I have to allow the SMRC'ers access to my entire system, or else pound sand.

    The Internet has been taken over by ne'er-do-well marketeers demanding access to our systems, unfettered passage through our privacy, and control of our Internet travels/views.

    I am disappointed in Opera. It too preaches about ad-blockers, but in exchange for lack of insulting ads, we must accept SMRC'ers.

    My/your options are, accept we've been assimilated and watch our rights to privacy be torn to shreds, or use SMRC'er blockers and lose access to most web sites.
    Unfortunately, no browser can force websites to be transparent and stop the sites from taking over our devices. I would have thought that Opera would at least ensure we were not inundated with SMCR'ers too.

    I cannot trust a browser that promotes privacy, even VPN, if their own site ignores our rights to privacy by using third party extensions, for which no one is responsible for - of course.

    It's not that I have something to hide. I have nothing I want you to see.
    ... (Anon (2018)

    p.s. Prove me wrong about Opera - please!

  • @leocg said in What about respect for my Privacy rights?:

    @internaut See

    Thanks for the quick interjection. But this wasn't, if read, a post about how to post about posting issues. As I clearly pointed out, it's about browsers, Opera included, that by purpose, design or accident, include stalkers that don't seem to understand who owns our privacy and rights to it.

    I read, in it's entirety, the conditions you linked to. My followup, as required is:

    Your OS (Linux, Mac, Windows)
    Windows 7.

    Your version of Opera:
    Sorry. I uninstalled it and don't know the version now which is:

    If the problem is with a page, a link to it:
    This one will do, where I am right now >

    A screen-shot of the problem if it's related to something not showing as should:

    A description of the problem, including as much as information as possible:
    See O/P.

    Steps to (try to) reproduce the issue:
    Pick a browser, go to the link (above)

    Expected behavior and actual one:
    Expected some semblance of privacy.
    Actual showed otherwise.

    Hope this helps understand that many people are becoming concerned about the loss of our rights to privacy in exchange for access to internet. Many look to browsers as their lock to privacy. I think Opera was of the same mind.

    I am using Chrome (Googies) to view this page, with blockers installed.
    I will download and install Opera again to see again, if Opera allows or blocks 61 ( right now) 'unwanted eyes'.

    Sorry for not having provided more detail. Often times, providing detail is quickly ignored, and too soon, erroneous assumptions are made.

    I appreciate your help @leocg2

  • Update:

    As intimated, I downloaded and installed Opera again. Version is unknown but found a third party website that says it's "Opera 70" and up to date.

    Opera says:

    but as you can see (in O/P), Chrome shows much more being blocked than Opera found. Opera foudn none, Chrome found about 61 - and this number changes with page refreshes.

    Don't get me wrong. I very much hope Opera becomes the international safest browser available, that respects our rights and not erode them with 'or else' options as others do.



  • Why don't you use the same extension you are using with Chrome on Opera for privacy? For example, I am using ublock origin without any problem.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @diezi said in What about respect for my Privacy rights?:

    Why don't you use the same extension you are using with Chrome on Opera for privacy? For example, I am using ublock origin without any problem.

    Because, after looking through the browser tool bars (settings), "Easy Setup", and Settings twice, I couldn't find anything relative to add-ons, addon, or extensions. So I started right-clicking on everything, and lastly, the Big O, did I find "Extensions"! Too, I read that it may not even be done. .. so it seemed addons/extensions/apps, (whatever) were not available. My bad, but I did look around - a lot, and finally thanks to you, found it.


  • Extensions are on the menu or the sidebar - why would they be in Settings?

    Mind you, I still have no idea what "SMRC" means, and what you're calling "eyes" ...