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Telegram in Sidebar Not Working After Version 69 Desktop Update June 2020

  • Hello, everyone!

    This version 69 update of the Opera browser for desktop on Windows 10 seems to have affected the Telegram feature in the sidebar.

    After the update, whenever I click on Telegram in the sidebar (which is already synced to my phone's Telegram app). It shows a blank page. [image attached]

    I tried reloading the sidebar several times and also clearing browsing data, but, it is still not working.
    All the other features on the sidebar are working fine except Telegram.
    Although, within the Opera browser itself, Telegram is working fine when opened and logged into on a browser tab. But, I prefer it working on the sidebar.

    Please, any idea on how to fix this problem?

    20a95356-1e88-40e9-8a33-764c380516c4-image.pngTelegram Not Working Screenshot.PNG screenshot of Telegram in the sidebar of my Opera browser on my Windows 10 PC

  • @hadebisi1 Already tried to disable and thne re-enable it again?

  • Hi there,
    I have the same issue. And yes, I've tried disabling / re-enabling it. It didn't help.

  • Hi, I'm on Opera GX LVL 2 (core: 68.0.3618.206) and have the same issue.

  • @leocg Yes, I did. It still did not work. Then after a few days, it began to work again. Now, it has stopped working presently. Been that way since last week Wednesday to date.

  • @okusta Same here!

  • It's been a problem for some time... What I do is I click on that 'lock' symbol on the top of the Telegram tab. Then I go to cookies and delete them all.
    After it's done - I restart the browser and log in to telegram account, authorising it via phone.
    As far as I know, no solution has been found yet.

    This bug will stay and keep irritating you, so maybe pinned tab with telegram page ( will be a temporarily better solution.

    Good luck.

  • Same issue here for several weeks.
    For me it usually helps to restart the browser or even:
    Right click in sidebar - setup sidebar - disable telegram - enable telegram.

    However: Would be good if dev would take a look at it...


  • @leocg Yes, disable/enable didn't work. I tried login/logout but even the logout fails.

  • @okusta And same here.

  • @hadebisi1 I have the problem for a year now on one computer. While it word on another computer. Came here to find a fix to get that one computer up and running again.

  • Hello people, I have the same problem but I have a few ways to fix it;
    First: Close and open Opera again and when it just starts open telegram in the sidebar, that work for me.
    Second(when you forgot to do the fisrt on): You can open in a tap telegram and anchor it on your taps so you don't need to restart Opera Screenshot_4.png

  • i got this problem when i disabled cookies in browser by without knowing after enabling it telegram did start. check cookies in the browser if that'd been disabled by any mistakes it might be the problem

  • Hi Guys, The reason its not working might be cuz of some network issue. To know if it is a network issue, try opening this link
    If it opens then network is fine but if not then well you know.
    In order to bypass this issue just use vpn of any kind should work as it worked for me