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Opera Icon red background (not in task bar!)

  • opera.PNG
    My Opera icon on the top-left corner of the browser gets red background. Normally it's a red letter "O" on dark background.
    It's not the task bar icon and has nothing to do with broken downloads.
    After I close / reopen the browser - the icon gets back to normal for a few minutes, but then it lights up red again.
    Seems like it started happening yesterday, or a day before.

  • @jenden There isn't anything on the menu abou an update?

  • @leocg
    I does have an option to get the "latest security update" but that links only takes me to Opera download page. Obviously I don't want to use that - I already have the version of Opera that I like. I have "autoupdate" file deleted and all Opera update tasks killed in taskschd.msc
    I want to make absolutely sure that Opera does not update automatically. I will only update it manually when I need to. That means I also do not need to see any useless notifications from Opera about new updates.
    I don't want to hide the entire side bar for this.

  • @jenden try adding the --disable-update switch in shortcut
    It helped me in 58 version, without the switch I had red notification about an update even with renamed autoupdate.exe
    *maybe it's need to re-pin the taskbar icon after this change if you run Opera using taskbar icon.
    ** also probably is need to remove update tasks from Windows task scheduler.

  • @andrew84
    I thought this flag has been discontinued for over a year. However, I just restarted the browser with this flag and so far the notification is not popping up. I'll keep an eye on it.