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  • Hi all.

    Previous versions of O have the "fit to width" option at the bottom right hand corner to fit a webpage to the width of the screen. I found this convenient, as I use a netbook with a small screen and don't want to have to constantly scroll horizontally.

    Where is this option in O22?

    Thanks in advance.

  • It hasn't been implemented yet, if indeed at all.

  • @myopera23

    First you might try this Opera extension, called Image Autosizer, that seems to let you set images at the size of the browser window.
    But that focuses on images. Your concern appears to be web pages.

    In that regard, you might want to try a Chrome extension called Window Resizer.
    You can customize the size of the browser window -- width and height. Perhaps this is worth looking at. It seems to link window size to screen resolution, but because you can customize the window, it seems like it might eliminate the scrolling you have to do.

    An alternative that might help you is iZoom.
    It makes the zoom always fit the window width.

    Now there might be more out there, but those two popped out at me. I cannot say these two will be what you want, but I thought they might help you. To download a Chrome Extension, you do need the Opera Extension, Download Chrome extension Or Extension Source Viewer

    You can try the extension, and if you don't like it, just uninstall it.

  • There are some options you could try.
    First, increase the resolution of the screen in the Display settings of the OS if you can.

    You could try then, or alternatively, a combination of decreasing the default zoom for pages in the Opera menu → Settings → Websites from the sidebar → Zoom and increasing the font size option at the same time. That way the pages and text will fit to the screen but won't be tiny.

  • I also can not get used at all to Opera 22.

    Just installed it to see what's up; but I'm truly personally not happy & disappointed in a way!

    I'm a 100% Opera user & will be one as long I have my 11.60 version; but after playing with ver. 22 for an hour .....
    I said first of; where the heck did my Opera Browser go? >>> I know so well from day one it totally disappeared ?

    All my functions & buttons are totally gone, vanished! >>> Is this truly Opera??

    No more Toool-bars ??? where did they all go? >>> I searched for an hour to find the settings to activate them (Nothing anywhere ?)>>>

    __I need my tools its a 100% must have without it I'm lost in lah, lah land __!

    • No more Buttons I can place conveniently all over the place & everywhere I like?

    • No more copy too & from Notes ...... which is a must have for me! Saves me kilometers of writing the same thing over & over!

    • No speak out function! >>>> A must have for me & its my lifesaver!

    • Easy to understand & modifying settings in source code! ..... where is it all gone too?????

    I always keep two or three Operas on my machine at all times for options.

    But no matter what;
    I'm permanently hooked to Opera ver. 11.60; because of its speak-out function with is the best voice ever I came across.

    Sorry to say; but no more way up for me after Opera 11.60 in appears ...... FULL STOP!!!; stuck with it forever & I'm only using Opera since the first day I found it!

    I just fixed up my (BBcode right click sub menu) for more functionality!
    Go Here: >>>


    (Also I'm just looking & searching like crazy for the older but good Handy Menu code; which I lost because these rotten bastards stolen my computer with all my backups a year ago & now I can not find the Handy Menu code anywhere anymore!??)
    The original side is down & I'm still searching if anyone kept it somewhere!

    Note please, please:
    If anyone of you Guys has the Hany menu.ini file somewhere please, please let me know >>> very much appreciated if you do!

    This was the location I found it before but the site is daed!
    (Opera Handy Menu 4.0 Released!) >>>

    Dead link now >>>:



    Sorry, sorry back to the OP issue:

      1. Its not really Fit to Width; but you get the zooming in order quickly! (press CTRL + rotated your mouse wheel!)
      1. Download Opera add-ons extension (User CSS)/(Easy Use CSS) & make up your own code & you done!

    Go here:


    One more small Question to all you technical guys >>>> what is the command code for within ((Menu.ini)) file functions for (ARROW LEFT) & (ENTER/RETURN) or (INSERT NEW LINE) ....
    Man I must be blind for the last two days >>>> I could not find it anywhere!?

    AllActionsListPlus - Commented list of Opera 9 actions



  • Strange? ... why are my links not showing correctly here?

    The sample code >>>>> from ......... You may use Markdown in your reply:

    The New York Times

    Same thing sample code not working either!! (Strange but the above posting shows all links as normal)

    So its not my browser setting if the (@lem729) posting showing up all link as normal........

  • Strange? ... why are my links not showing correctly here?

    Maybe because you are using html code? Just writing/pasting the url may be enough.

  • This is still not in Opera, am I right? I can't find anything when I search for "fit to width" in the settings. Opera 29.0.
    Quite incredible, really

  • Opera is not a large company, so it has limited resources to add features. They are currently working on other things, like improving bookmarks and the speed dial. There is a laundry list of features, small and large, that people want to see added to the browser so its not that difficult to believe how 'incredible' it is that it hasn't been added yet.

  • They (opera) are not too keen on fit to width because they say people used to have it enabled by mistake and think browser is not working properly. Who knows they might change their mind and bring it back somehow but it would have to be some kinda advanced option or extension

  • To be honest, I've tried all these so-called Fit-To-Width extensions and they are useless.

    The only real FTW that actually works is in previous older Opera versions.

    I cannot understand why Opera would remove such a valuable tool.

  • @browzer1

    I cannot understand why Opera would remove such a valuable tool.

    1. "Fit to width" feature is based on the special rendering mode in Opera 12(thats unique for Presto rendering engine). It wasn't implemented by the competitors. Chrome (and its clones) is not exception,

    2. "Fit to width" was considered (by the Opera devs) as one of the most confusing feature that frustrated a lot of non-experienced and newbie users:

    "...Presto-based Opera had become overloaded with features, a number of them confusing rather than helping our users — you can’t imagine how many reports we’ve gotten from users telling us that their favorite site was broken, simply because they had turned on fit-to-width by accident, for instance...."


  • Yes, fit to width is great on Opera 12!
    Whether it can be implemented natively on the new version is unknown of course, but from what stng is saying, probably not.
    If Opera are worried about it being left on accidentally and people thinking the browser isn't working properly, surely the answer is to have it automatically disable again when the browser is re-started.

  • I also use a small screen device so I need to zoom in a lot, and thus I need fit to width to "stabilize" the scrolling after zooming, especially on a touch screen device. Additionally I also found it useful to edit my right click menu to make it easier to use, adding a close and close all items for example.

    Anyways I don't care about new opera until I can have the zoom mouse wheel slider thing, fit to width and can edit my menus. Scrolling opera on a touch screen device sucks pretty bad tho. Explorer buttery smooth.

  • i think mozilla recently added this feature to their newer version. here's my old topic concerning the missing unique-to-opera features the upgrades after v12 (exp: restarted from scratch based on the chrome engine)