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  • Hi All, this is a weekly Opera developer update. It contains some translations fixes and chromium updated to version 83.0.4103.14. For the whole list of changes, see the full changelog. Installation links: Opera developer for Windows (Using the Opera developer for Windows installer means you have accepted the Opera for Computers EULA) Opera developer for Windows…

    Read full blog post: Opera 69.0.3665.0 developer update

    • Fix the ugly dropdowns and the white 3 dots popup menus in dark theme.
      Don't let it go to new Beta!
    • Wrong default flag's indication is still not fixed. The bug is in Beta already!
  • Cannot connect to My Flow.

  • Vertical text alignment in 'heart' popup's dropdown doesn't look correctly here.

    • In my opinion, the tabs decoration is far better now (looks more clean and flat, very similar to 58 version) in this build. I mean the square corners at the bottom (especially when the blue line is visible) and the shadows of active tabs.
      *Tabs had to look like that (instead of weird rounded corners/shadows) since that time when the Reborn3 was announced.
    • Please, apply the same borders style (tiny and shadowed blue border which is applied to popups now) also to menus/context menus and bookmarks bar dropdowns, these borders are still thick and blurry comparing to popups (
  • In the last two or three developer versions Opera kept the connection to Cloudflare, if DNS-over-HTTPS was enabled in the settings. Now it's gone again. 😞 What happened?
    Even after a restart of Opera it does not connect to Cloudflare.
    W10x64, Operax64

  • opera://flags/#opera-doh is broken. Even it is enabled, it does not work if I connect to Cloudflare (via settings in my router).
    W10x64, Operax64

    Edit: Seems to be a Chrome problem. It works in Firefox and it does not work in all Chrome browsers (Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge).

  • @ralf-brinkmann: It didn't work here also (even after restart), but after I disabled and enabled the toggle in Settings again the connection was established.
    After I restart the browser there's no connection again (re-enabling the toggle helps but only until next restart).

  • On my side there is the same issue still present with this build:

    • Since Opera 69.0.3638.0 developer:

    Opera starts with the CSS media query prefers-color-scheme: dark seemingly returning true, although Opera's light theme is selected. (You can see it on web pages using mentioned media query, internal error pages being some of those or just try .)
    Toggling →dark →light in quick settings ends up with the prefers-color-scheme flag being evaluated correctly.


  • I'm still suffering from full screen white flashes when I open internal pages in dark mode(Settings, Extensions, ..,).
    Current Stable has this issue only when I open Settings or Extensions pages, in Dev and in Beta all the internal pages cause the white flash.
    Also in Dev and in Beta there are double white flickering flashes (white background on start, then solid wallpaper's background, then white flash again, then start page appears) when I start the browser.
    Usually I have the following cycle when I start the browser (white on start > dark background> white background again> then wallpaper). I don't have the 'flickering' background issue during start in Stable, but as I understand it right, the issue will be in Stable soon.
    I hope this is understandable that such 'stroboscope' effects don't feel great to eyes.

  • Right-click context menu for pip is working now on several sites and in local video files. This is really useful sometimes.

  • VK extension on sidebar is still crashing browser.

  • It would be possible to add twitter on sidebar?

  • @andrew84
    I can confirm this. But there is something new: With Cloudflare enabled (and working) in the Opera settings I can not open the EPG of my tv provider ( In the last versions it always worked perfectly.

  • Could you build a transparent sidebar?

  • @ralf-brinkmann: I can't confirm this, the provided link opens fine here with both working (the toggle enabling trick) and not working connections. I mean by default, I did no setups in routers.

    But the feature itself is broken

  • Opera is still crashing when trying to login on opera account.

  • @andrew84 said in Opera 69.0.3665.0 developer update:

    After I restart the browser there's no connection again (re-enabling the toggle helps but only until next restart)

    I can confirm. As far as I tested, such a problem with the DNS over HTTPS function appeared exactly in the last dev 69.0.3665.0. If you additionally enable flag opera://flags/#dns-over-https, DoH is working as usual.

  • @kened: It would be smarter for them to do PWA for the sidebar that way users would be able to add any website they want, even youtube to the sidebar. It will make the browser crash less, as well as make the browser itself lightweight on resources on the PC.

  • Good to see that the exceptions are no longer added to the browser after every update.