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Opera is wrongly opening pages in new tab with mobile user agent

  • This was reported long ago already, quite long ago. See Opera opens pages in new tab with Mobile user agent and New version of Opera for Android with UI overhaul threads, for example. I also don't see what is the point, the benefit of closing “outdated” threads, namely if unresolved.
    Can this be fixed after 3 years of being reported? 😯 😒 🤔
    People like me never use a mobile webpage, or very very rarely. Hope you can understand the involved frustration, and fix this. Let me also say that a fully custom user agent would be a nice addition.

  • Related information.-

    If I hit on links in a Google search, pages are correctly open with my default desktop user agent.
    If I hit on links from Gmail, pages are incorrectly open with mobile user agent.
    If I hit on links in AliExpress, be it links from searches or managing my account, any links which open new tabs incorrectly open with mobile user agent.

  • @Barkuti What is the behavior in other browsers? Does says that the user agent is correct? What about

  • I don't see what is the point in asking what's the behaviour in other browsers. It is “correct”. I for example can and use Chrome with an enforced modified user agent string in data/local/chrome-command-line file, works flawlessly but it's the only way for Chrome as far as I know (requires root).
    Both and correctly display “Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/80.0.3987.149 Safari/537.36 OPR/57.1.2830.52480” upon tapping over them, but of course no surprises here. When the bug happens the spawned window shows the user agent switch deactivated (to the left) on the menu.

  • @Barkuti Well, the results show that Opera is correctly sending a desktop user agent.

    Maybe the sites are simply ignoring it? Or maybe the info is not being sent by the third parties?

  • Mmm no, Opera has some sort of problem. In fact for a moment right now, I tapped over one of the above links and it malfunctioned, showing my mobile user agent.
    Anyway, in order to reproduce the bug I will share here one of the links from my Gmail emails which cause it, in its actual form:
    It exactly is the (G00gl€ encoded) link which points to your last reply here, and when it is used the new window which spawns opening it ends up with a “switched off” desktop site switch in the (three dots) address bar application menu. This means the user agent is mobile, which is wrong.

  • @Barkuti The switch on the top right menu is for you to change the page you are currently viewing into its desktop version. If you want that all pages load in desktop mode, you need to change it in settings.

  • I am perfectly aware of that @leocg. Of course, my default user agent is set as desktop.
    I am reporting here what I can see is wrong with Opera in this respect. Bear no doubt there is a problem with it.
    I will now share an AliExpress link which will make this even clearer in case it wasn't completely clear already. It is a link to a store as it comes from my wishlist, with embedded tracking stuff. When I tap on the link in Opera a new tab opens but loads the mobile site, as the AliExpress site detects a mobile user agent (so Opera is wrongly spawning a tab with mobile user agent even despite I am using a default desktop user agent). I will also post the link without the tracking crap, to see if it makes a difference:
    With crap:
    Without crap:
    Hope this is clear now and I don't have to lose my temper even a tiny bit. 🤣

  • @Barkuti You said before that Opera seems to be sending the correct user agent, so there is nothing wrong with Opera itself.
    The user agent is just one of the many ways of a site to check if you are on a phone or on a desktop, so the sites may uisng a different one.

    What happens when you type the address directly? Do the sites load in the correct mode?

  • There is the known fact that the forums here will see the correct version of your browser - that is intentional. So yes, when looking at a thread in these forums your user agent will be mobile - whether you are using a new tab or not.

  • @leocg said in Opera is wrongly opening pages in new tab with mobile user agent:

    @Barkuti You said before that Opera seems to be sending the correct user agent, so there is nothing wrong with Opera itself.

    I just tapped on one of the above links, and the reported user agent in the new tab was mobile - Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android whateverversion; whateverdevice) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/80.0.3987.149 Mobile Safari/537.36 OPR/57.1.2830.52480 -.
    0K. It reported mobile because this window is a spawn from the link in my email, and so the user agent mistake already happened there (inherited).
    I told you this already. When Opera spawns a new tab from a clickable/tappable link, something wrong can happen.
    Are you actually trying my above links by yourselves in Android Opera with default desktop user agent, or are you here just trying to piss me off? 👀

    The user agent is just one of the many ways of a site to check if you are on a phone or on a desktop, so the sites may uisng a different one.

    I know. I have my screen pixel density nicely reduced for sites to “think” its size is quite a bit bigger.

    What happens when you type the address directly? Do the sites load in the correct mode?

    When I type the address directly? Are you joking with me? 🤨 Of course it opens whatever page version depending on the selected user agent in the switch. Since I use desktop as default, if I open a new tab by myself the user agent is set as desktop in it. Do I still need to tell you what version it loads? 😒

  • Another thing I have to say, is that I just noticed the user agent was incorrectly set as mobile in the tab I use to check my Gmail email (
    I just took my time to re-check the user agent in all my tabs, I always use many at once. However, can you tell me how this can happen if I set my default user agent as desktop the very first time I ran this browser? 🤔
    Now that I'm here let me also say I hope you avoid enforcing auto-updates, at all costs. I @#$% applications which self-update by themselves.
    After the user agent was set as desktop in my Gmail tab, I tapped over the last answer notification from @sgunhouse to this thread, and I can see the tab spawned with desktop user agent. So that is right, and I can see the Desktop site switch enabled right now.
    However, the AliExpress links fail. Can you hear me? Fail.
    Their tabs spawn with an incorrectly set mobile user agent, from a correctly set desktop user agent tab. Examples “you” can try:
    Important: if I open these links with a long tap and then selecting “open in new tab” in the contextual menu, the new tab correctly spawns with inherited desktop user agent. If I just tap over them, the new tab opens with mobile user agent and loads mobile @#$%. 👀

  • @#$% it. The AliExpress links work “right” from here, but not quite exactly. Once I tap over them, the tab spawns trying to load desktop, then I can see the address in the bar changes to mobile and loads mobile, and after a flash it goes back to desktop link and loads the desktop page.
    However, from within AliExpress the links fail every time. When I tap over them the spawning tab tries desktop, then changes to mobile but doesn't goes back to desktop, I need to go to the menu and turn on the Desktop site switch to fix it.
    Hope this is of help. 🤔
    The emoji insert tool here sucks big time, by the way.

  • I uploaded a self-explanatory small video to Youtube. Sorry if it is in portrait, video capture in landscape doesn't works right in my device.
    In it I show you the desktop user agent in my Gmail tab, and then proceed to tap over the YouTube link near the upper left corner. The tab which spawns incorrectly goes to YouTube mobile, where I further use the What's my User Agent site and open the three dots menu to prove the thing in case it wasn't CLEAR enough.
    Video link:

  • Hello? Is anyone home?
    Reporting for Opera 57.2.2830.52651. Now there is now @#$%ing way for YouTube to be open in desktop mode AT ALL. Are you hearing?
    Not only this, if I try to play a video from youtube mobile it opens the video using an external video player in my device (WTF?).
    Fix it instead of adding features, please. 😒

  • @Barkuti We are working on it and hopefully you will get it in our upcoming beta release.

  • Reporting for Opera beta 59.0.2904.53502. The problem is not yet fully fixed:

    The YouTube thing was fixed, this is 0K. In AliExpress it also works right or so it seems. The only quirk I noticed is the user agent switch in the three dots menu can be a little bit late to update.
    But as you can see in the video, Opera is still incorrectly defaulting to mobile user agent or failing to inherit the user agent of the calling on window.
    You may already know (or not), but let me say Chrome reads and uses the user agent which finds in the /data/local/chrome-command-line file (permissions: rw- r-- r--). I am only saying this because you (Opera developers) seem to be having difficulties with something which should be as easy as eating ice cream, which at least tells me the underlying engine was never designed (?) to use multiple user agents.

    Cheers for now! alt text

  • So it's been 6 months since opera answered this issue, now I have the same problem and can't find a solution anywhere. For me it only happens on "", it happened before like for Barkuti when clicking on email links but i didn't give much attention since it stopped by itself. But for this specific website the problem kepps happening. Like srsly it seems to be a very very old problem this browser has, it's a real shame that you haven't fixed that yet.