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  • Dear Friends,

    I consider myself an Opera Power User. I use almost all the features and menus and tool-bars and panels, advanced settings, about 4000-5000 bookmarks (6-7 levels deep), rss, new tab, etc, etc. The only feature that I do not use is mouse gestures.

    Opera links for synchronization never really worked for bookmarks - so I have a week's worth of bookmarks, sessions, passwords and speed-dials backed up - just in case things went awry. Especially bookmarks - try it on different machines, after synchronization - guaranteed to get screwed up.

    Where is the master password, old-tab order, double-clicking to close tabs, etc, etc - I could go on and on and on.

    Given the current situation, with the new Opera (toothless and featureless), I have found a work-around - until Opera gets the functionality from 12.16 into the new Opera - in a future version.

    In addition to 12.16, I have installed Opera Next V19.0.1326.21 alongside (the last Next version until Christmas). I do like the speed and the much smoother operation of Gmail in the Next version, and some of the tweaks that I had been waiting for. Also like the way its shuts down immediately - maybe because there is no sync. I get approx 120-150 emails a day, and probably have to respond to at least half of them, in addition to emails that I originate.

    But, Where is the BEEF?

    I keep running Opera Next, until I need to switch back to 12.16, and sometimes I have to copy an url and paste it into 12.16 to save a bookmark, or a Speed-dial. Gmail is open in both. I just have different sessions open in the two versions - about 40-50 open tabs in 12.16, and about 10 in Next.

    Opera until now had been an innovator. Now it is trying to be a follower. Could they have just changed out the engine, and added the new tweaks that are nice. Where is the old download window? Why copy others? What happened to your KISS methodology? You had a good thing going. Any many, many such examples. Why strip out Mail/rss? The one great thing about Opera was that you did not need multiple apps - until your New Opera, where although you have started from scratch - you should not have stripped out the key/main functions that us Long-Timers (the Opera faithful) admired and loved so much.

    Seems like I will be running 12.16, and the latest version of Opera Next for a long, long time. I am not sure how long it will be before I can ditch 12.16 and Next for One Unified Version of Opera.

    Keep up the good work Opera, but do not keep us waiting for a long time.

    If others have any other nifty ideas, please continue with positive ideas. Or, if I have missed any of your most used features, please add them here.

    In addition, Opera will be discontinuing MyOpera in favor of Social Sites in April 2014. What a bummer, as I am not on any of the social sites. Just do not have the time for that teenager stuff.

    Also how can I post a list of issues with Opera Next directly to Opera? File a Bug Wizard Report for each one? I do not think so. It has to be simple, like posting on this forum.

    PS: Running Win-7 x64 on Intel I-5 with 8GB of RAM - Opera 12.16 is x64 and obviously Next is x86.

  • If I remember correctly Opera indicated that "some" of the "important" forums would be continued. I'm not sure exactly what that means but hopefully it means that support forums will continue. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  • Support forums will continue, though I'm sure not all current forums and definitely not all current threads will be transferred. I have no inside information, but they can't have a browser without support forums. Mind you, they will be on and not - they did say that much.